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Notgeld Gramby 1 Mark ND/1920 95264 grade: XF cat: not listed added: yesterday
Notgeldschein Soltau 75 Pfennig ND/1921 grade: XF cat: Wo comment: Front / Cross phrase : An's vaterland an's teure schliess dich an das halte fest mit deinem ganzen herzen = To the Fatherland to the dear ones, cling to that hold fast with all your heart. Back / wir wollen sein ein einzig wolk von brüden on keiner not uns trennen und gefahr = we want to be a single cloud of brethren on no one separate us and danger. added: yesterday
Notgeldschein Soltau 50 PFENNIG ND/1921 series: Verliert seine gultigkeit dem 31/12/1921 grade: XF cat: none comment: Back Left/Right : wir wollen frei sein wie die vater wuren = We want to be free as the fathers are. eherden tod als in der rnechifchaft leben = more likely to die than living in the countryside. added: yesterday
Notgeldschein Soltau 1 Mark ND/1921 Loses validity on 31/12/1921 grade: xf cat: None comment: Karte des Deutschen Reichs / Hindenburg-Denkmal. Front Up/Down : Einigkeit und rechtnund freiheit fur das deutsche vaterland = Unity and justice and freedom for the german fatherland. Back Left / Right: wir wollen trauen auf denhochsten gott = We want to trust in the highest god - - Und uns nicht furchten vorder macht des menschen = And we do not fear the forefront of man. added: yesterday
ARGENTINE 100 Pesos ND / 1967/1969 44,062,383 F grade: XF- cat: 277(1F) comment: Signatures : E.Ianella / P.S Real Front : Gal San Martin Back : the second founding of Buenos Aires. added: 3 days ago
ARGENTINE 100 Pesos 28/03/1935 29,892,558 A grade: VF+ cat: 267b(2) comment: signatures in black "Gerente General" & "Presidente" / Carreras & Maroglio. Front : General José de San Martín Back : Juan de Garay and the second founding of Buenos Aires, 1580 - 1909 by José Moreno Carbonero (1858-1942). added: 3 days ago
Paraguay 1 Peso "Fuerte" 28/01/1916 837029 grade: VF+ cat: 138a(3) comment: The peso was the currency of Paraguay between 1856 and 1944. Until 1870, the peso was subdivided into 8 reales. Paraguay then decimalized, with 100 centésimos = 1 peso. The name of the subdivision was changed to centavo in 1874. The peso was replaced in 1944 by the guaraní at a rate of one hundred to one. signatures: Machain & Gerónimo Zubizarreta. FRONT : Women BACK: Arms added: 13 days ago
Venezuela 200 (Doscientos) Bolivares 15/01/1918 A08762299 grade: aUNC cat: 107 comment: Observe : Sebastián Francisco de Miranda y Rodríguez de Espinoza ( March 28, 1750 – July 14, 1816), - Portrait by Martín Tovar y Tovar (10 February 1827 – 17 December 1902) was a Venezuelan painter, best known for his portraits and historical scenes. Reverse : El guacamayo militar (Ara militaris) - National Park "Waraira Repano", Caracas. added: 2 weeks ago
Venezuela 100 (Cien) Bolivares 15/01/2018 A54498817 grade: au cat: 106 comment: Observe : Ezequiel Zamora (1 February 1817 – 10 January 1860) was a Venezuelan soldier, and leader of the Federalists in the Federal War (Guerra Federal) of 1859-1863. His life was marked by the romanticism that characterized liberals of the time. Reverse : "Araña del Norte" (Spider of the North) Monkey - National Park "Guatopo", Miranda. added: 2 weeks ago
Venezuela 50 (Cincueta) Bolivares 15/01/2018 A27687760 grade: aUNC cat: 105 comment: Observe : Gal Antonio José de Sucre ( 1795–1830) - known as the "Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho" (English: "Grand Marshal of Ayacucho") - was a Venezuelan independence leader who served as the fourth President of Peru and the second President of Bolivia. Sucre was one of Simón Bolívar's closest friends, generals and statesmen. The city of Sucre, Bolivia's capital, is named for him, as is a state of Venezuela and a department of Colombia. Both the old and new airports of Ecuador's capital Quito are also named after him. Reverse : Cunaguaro (Leopardus pardalis) knows Ocelot / The Península de Paria National Park (Spanish: Parque nacional Península de Paria). added: 2 weeks ago
Venezuela 20 (Veinte) Bolivares 15/01/2018 A42271210 grade: aUNC cat: 104 comment: Banco Central de Venezuela / 2018 "Bolívar Soberano" Issue. Observe : Simón Rodríguez, also known as Samuel Robinson, is a Venezuelan philosopher and educator, born in Caracas on October 28, 1769 and died in the district of Amotape (Peru) on February 28, 1854. Reverse : Jaguar / The Waraira Repano National Park (spanish : Parque nacional Waraira Repano) creates on 1958/12/12. added: 2 weeks ago
GERMANY - 3 Reich 28/08/1933 perf: "Entwertet" = Canceled = Annulé series: A 0930782 grade: aUNC cat: 199 comment: Konversionskasse für deutsche Auslandsschulden 1933 - The introduction of the Rentenmark slowed inflation and made the economy pick up again. However, the German Reich had to pay a large part of its economic performance in the form of reparations for the war damage in the First World War to the victorious powers. This slowed down economic development and was one of the causes of the serious consequences of the economic crisis in Germany in 1929. These securities document Germany's increasing insolvency as a result of the global economic crisis. added: 3 weeks ago
Confederate States 1 $ 02/06/1862 355 grade: VG+ cat: 39x comment: At the center is a Vignetted of a sidewheeler on rough seas. The figure to the left represents Liberty standing by a shield. The portrait on the lower right is Mrs. Lucy Pickens, the wife of the governor of South Carolina. ** Lucy Petway Holcombe Pickens (June 11, 1832 – August 8, 1899) was a 19th-century American socialite of Tennessee and Texas, known during and after her lifetime as the "Queen of the Confederacy". added: 5 weeks ago
Uruguay 1 Doblon de Oro / 10 Pesos 01/08/1867 68509 grade: VG+ cat: PS385 comment: Doblón de oro = 10 Pesos plata = 1000 Centésimos (1863-1868). The National Currency Decree of 23 June 1862 (with effect from 01 January 1863) made the gold doblón and the silver peso the national currency (moneda nacional). ront: Grey, Black and orange. Two embraced women at left, written denomination below. National arms at lowr right, denomination above. “UN DOBLON DE ORO SELLADO” at center over orange background, seriales arriba, una firma debajo. Back: Orange. Written denomination between roman numbers. added: 5 weeks ago
New Zealand 1 £ 01/08/1934 series: 8C 277857 grade: VG cat: 155 comment: Reserve Bank of New Zealand OBSERVE : KIWI & arms - Portrait of Tāwhiao (Tūkāroto Matutaera Pōtatau Te Wherowhero Tāwhiao (1822 - 26 August 1894) was leader of the Waikato tribes, the second Māori King and a religious visionary. He was a member of the Ngāti Mahuta iwi (tribe) of Waikato. REVERSE : Mitre Peak (Māori Rahotu) is an iconic mountain in the South Island of New Zealand, located on the shore of Milford Sound. It is one of the most photographed peaks in the country. added: 5 weeks ago
RUSSIAN EMPIRE ( русская империя) 10 Roubles (рубль) ND / 1917 series: У Б 897101 grade: VF+ cat: 11c comment: signatures: Shipov & Schmidt added: 2 months ago
RUSSIAN EMPIRE ( русская империя) 5 Roubles / 5 рублей ND/1917 series: Т В 841800 grade: VF+ cat: 10b comment: signatures: Shipov & Bylinskiy Gosudarstvenniy Bank Front & Back : Arms added: 2 months ago
Uganda 100 Shillings ND/1985 series: D/6 101582 grade: aUNC cat: 21 comment: FRONT : President Apollo Milton Obote BACK : Landscape. added: 2 months ago
NEW CALEDONIA / Nouméa 1 Franc 15/07/1942 019381 grade: VF+ cat: 52 comment: Arrêté 09.07.1942 - 15.07.1942 "Bon de Caisse" Issue. FRONT / Ship, stockpile, factory BACK : Cross of Lorraine, stag head added: 2 months ago
FRENCH - INDOCHINA 1 Piastre / Riel ND/1953 A.00966723 grade: XF+ cat: 93 comment: Signatures du PRESIDENT : Gaston CUSIN et du CAISSIER GENERAL : UIGI. Filigrane : Elephant head. FRONT / King Norodom Sihanouk BACK : added: 3 months ago
HUNGARY 10 Forint 24/10/1949 series: A969 135420 grade: VF+ cat: 164a comment: Magyar Nemzeti Bank / 1949 & 1951 "Arms with Hammer and Wheat" Issue. FRONT / Sandor Pëtofi BACK : "Birth of the Song" (by Jánko J.) added: 3 months ago
Lesotho - Muso oa Lesotho 2 Maloti ND / 1984 series: F/84 920005 grade: aUNC cat: 4b comment: signatures: Rakhetla & Schönberg FRONT / King Moshoeshoe II added: 3 months ago
Venezuela 10 Bolivares soberano 20/08/2018 B04455536 grade: aun cat: 103 comment: FRONT : Rafael José Urdaneta y Farías (October 24, 1788 – August 23, 1845) was a Venezuelan General and hero of the Spanish American wars of independence. President of Gran Colombia from 1830 until 1831. He was an ardent supporter of Simón Bolívar and one of his most trusted and loyal allies.Urdaneta served as the Minister of Defence whilst Simón Bolívar was President of Gran Colombia. BACK : Giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) with the Catatumbo lightning in the background . added: 3 months ago
Venezuela 5 Bolívares Soberano 20/08/2018 A94280883 grade: aUNC cat: 102 comment: FRONT : José Félix Ribas (19 September 1775 / 31 January 1815), was a Venezuelan independence leader and hero of the Venezuelan War of Independence. BACK : Atelopus cruciger with the Henri Pittier National Park in the background . added: 3 months ago
Venezuela 2 Bolivares Soberano 20/08/2018 H35876814 grade: aUNC cat: 101 comment: Venezuela is issuing new banknotes after lopping five zeroes off the crippled bolivar - The new "Bolivar Soberano" currency is worth 100,000 "old" Bolivares. FRONT : Josefa Camejo (18 may 1791 - 5 July 1862) Heroine of independence BACK : Yellow-crowned amazon parrot (Amazona ochrocephala) with the Morrocoy National Park in the background added: 3 months ago
Lesotho - Muso oa Lesotho 10 Maloti ND / 2010 AA589820 grade: aUNC cat: 21a comment: FRONT : On 1 March 2011, at a celebration marking its 30th anniversary, the Central Bank of Lesotho launched a new series of banknotes dated 2010 aimed at fighting the spread of counterfeits. The notes feature a portrait of the three royal family members: the current king, His Majesty Letsie III is in the middle, his father King Moshoeshoe II is on the left, and the founder of the Basotho nation, King Moshoeshoe I, on the background right. BACK : wildflowers added: 3 months ago
Lesotho - Muso oa Lesotho 10 Maloti ND / 2006 T941164 grade: aun cat: 15d comment: FRONT : King Moshoeshoe I first monarch (c. 1786 – 11 March 1870) - [reign 1822 – 18 January 1870]. BACK : Basotho heardsman added: 3 months ago
Lesotho - Muso oa Lesotho 2 Maloti H223145 grade: aUNC cat: 9 comment: FRONT : Moshoeshoe II (May 2, 1938 – January 15, 1996), previously known as Constantine Bereng Seeiso, was the paramount chief of Lesotho, succeeding paramount chief Seeiso from 1960 until the country gained full independence from Britain in 1966. He was king of Lesotho from 1966 until his exile in 1990, and from 1995 until his death in 1996. BACK : curio shop in Maseru shaped like Basotho hat. added: 3 months ago
FINLAND 100 Markkaa / Mark ND / 1976 J2838825 grade: XF+ cat: 109a(14) comment: Sign : Karjalainen - Lehtinen. FRONT / Johan Vilhelm Snellman (12 May 1806, Stockholm – 4 July 1881, Kirkkonummi) was an influential Fennoman philosopher and Finnish statesman. BACK : Arms, allegorical couple added: 3 months ago
FAEROE ISLANDS 50 Krónur ND / 2001 series: B0011B 025374B grade: aUNC cat: 24 comment: FRONT : Ram's Horn. BACK : Hillside from the village of Sumba on the west side of Suðuroy. added: 3 months ago
MALTA Island 1 ND / 1949 A/23 288622 grade: vf cat: 24a comment: signature: E. Cuschieri FRONT : QE II and George's Cross BACK : Shield added: 3 months ago
MALTA Island 1 £ ND / 1949 A/7 731195 grade: VF- cat: 22 comment: signature: E. Cuschieri FRONT : King George VI and George's Cross. BACK : Shield added: 3 months ago
MALTA Island 2 shillings ND / 1942 A/3 457929 grade: VF- cat: 17c comment: signature: Edgar Cuschieri, Malta Treasurer. added: 3 months ago
DANEMARK (Danmarks Nationalbank) 100 Kroner ND / 2015 series: B0152C 838132C comment: sign: Callesen & Sørensen FRONT : The Little Belt Bridge (Danish: Lillebæltsbroen), also known as the Old Little Belt Bridge (Danish: Den gamle Lillebæltsbro), is a truss bridge over the Little Belt strait in Denmark. It spans from Snoghøj on the Jutland side to Middelfart on Funen. BACK : Hindsgavl dagger (made of flintstone, abt. 1900-1700 B.C., found on Fanø Island opposite Hindsgavl Peninsula, Fyn); Map of the Lillebælt area added: 3 months ago
Sverige 100 Kronor ND / 2016 C480525012 grade: UNC cat: 71b comment: FRONT : Greta Garbo (Greta Lovisa Gustafsson) - [18 September 1905 – 15 April 1990) was a Swedish-American film actress during the 1920s and 1930s] BACK : Stockholm; map of the historical Swedish "Landskaps" added: 3 months ago
Sverige 10 Kronor ND / 1914 Ee.111556 grade: VF+ cat: 27i comment: FRONT : SVEA (Swedish female name, very popular girls' name during the first half of the 20th century). BACK : Gustav I ("King Gustav Vasa"), born Gustav Eriksson of the Vasa noble family and later known as Gustav Vasa (12 May 1496 – 29 September 1560), was King of Sweden from 1523 until his death in 1560. added: 3 months ago
DANZIG 10 000 000 Mark 31/08/1923 626066 grade: XF- cat: 25b comment: FRONT : at left [work of Daniel Schultz the Younger (1615–1683)] - portrait of Johannes Hevelius [Jan Heweliusz (pol) / Johannes Höwelcke (ger)] ( 28 January 1611 – 28 January 1687) - was a councillor and mayor of Danzig (Gdańsk), Kingdom of Poland - famous astronomer, he gained a reputation as "the founder of lunar topography", and described ten new constellations, seven of which are still used by astronomers. at right "arms" BACK : Motlau ([Motława (pol)] River. added: 4 months ago
YUGOSLAVIA - Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 10 Kruna 02/01/1904 (1919) stamp: Adhesive stamp in three languages on Austrian P-9 series: 2995 *SZAM* 405847 grade: VF- cat: 6a comment: At the end of the First World War, many banknotes of the late austria-hungary empire bank have no legal value - each new state recovering its independence (Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and the SCS Kingdom) will then "stamp" or affixing tax stamps on "ex-Austro-Hungarian banknotes" before they can base their new sovereign currencies. added: 4 months ago
YUGOSLAVIA - Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 10 Kruna 02/01/1915 (1919) overprint: Black round handstamp "Ministarstvo Financija" on AUSTRIA P-19 series: 1156 535487 grade: VF+ cat: 1 comment: The end of Austria-Hungary: the "war of tampons". added: 4 months ago
DANZIG 10 000 Mark 26/06/1923 072310 grade: VF+ cat: 18 comment: FRONT : At left - "Bilonis eine danziger Kaufmannes" - A danzig merchant (painting by Hans Holbein the Younger / Hans Holbein der Jüngere 1497-1543)- On right : "Hansekogge" (Hanseatic sailing ship) . BACK : [left]-The English House is one of the largest and tallest town houses in Gdańsk. It was built on the Brotbänkengasse (ul. Chlebnicka 13/16) 1568-1570 by Hans Kramer (master builder). [Right] - St Catherine's Church is the oldest church in Gdańsk, Poland. It was a Protestant church from 1545 until 1945, after which it became a Roman Catholic church. It also has worlds first pulsar clock. added: 4 months ago
DANEMARK - Schleswig 1 Mark ND / 1920 65264 grade: aUNC cat: UNK comment: Gemeinde Gramby Plebiscit März 1920 / Nødpengeseddel fra Gramby. The plebiscites were held on February 10 and March 14, 1920 in two areas that had been defined according to the wishes of the Danish Government. Reunification (of Schleswig with Denmark) added: 5 months ago
DANEMARK (Danmarks Nationalbank) 100 Kroner ND / 2003 series: B7031L 023581L grade: vf cat: 61b comment: signatures: Thomsen & Heering. FRONT : Carl August Nielsen (Danish: [kɑːl ˈnelsn̩]; 9 June 1865 – 3 October 1931) was a Danish musician, conductor and violinist, widely recognized as his country's most prominent composer. BACK : Basilisk stone relief from the Tømmerby church in the Thy Peninsula. added: 5 months ago
DANEMARK (Danmarks Nationalbank) 100 Kroner ND / 1986 series: D2862C 8815703 grade: XF- cat: 51o comment: signatures: Thomasen & Billestrup. FRONT : Jens Juel (12 May 1745 – 27 December 1802) was a Danish painter, primarily known for his many portraits, of which the largest collection is on display at Frederiksborg Castle. He is regarded as the leading Danish portrait painting of the 18th century. BACK : red underwing (Catocala nupta) is a moth of the Erebidae family. added: 5 months ago
DANEMARK (Danmarks Nationalbank) 100 Kroner ND / 1965 series: A9652B 3398966 grade: VF- cat: 46e comment: signatures: Sunesen & Valeur - prefix A9 FRONT : Hans Christian Ørsted (14 August 1777 – 9 March 1851) was a Danish physicist and chemist who discovered that electric currents create magnetic fields, which was the first connection found between electricity and magnetism. BACK : Kronborg castle, and stronghold in the town of Helsingør, Denmark. Immortalized as Elsinore in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet. added: 5 months ago
DANEMARK (Danmarks Nationalbank) 5 Kroner ND / 1956 series: B1564E 7035204 grade: VF+ cat: 42k comment: signatures: Nielsen & Riim - 1956 / prefix B1 FRONT : Portrait of Bertil Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) - Danish sculptor of international fame, who spent most of his life (1797–1838) in Italy. [by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg - (1783 - 1853)]. BACK: Church of Our Lady in Kalundborg. added: 5 months ago
Romania - Banca Naţională a României 10 Leï 01/07/2005 059C0180338 grade: aun cat: 119a comment: Vegetal: the buttercup. Figure the painter Nicolae Grigorescu and on the back a fragment of one of his bucolic theme paintings (peasant carrying water) and a country fortress. added: 5 months ago
Romania - Banca Naţională a României 5 Leï 01/07/2005 056B0740230 grade: aun cat: 118a comment: Vegetal: the peony. Figure the composer George Enescu and on the reverse the Romanian Athenaeum and classical music. added: 5 months ago
Romania - Banca Naţională a României 1 Leu 01/07/2005 057C0494568 grade: au cat: 117a comment: Vegetal: the gentian. Figure the historian Nicolae Iorga and on the reverse the stylized Byzantine eagle of the Principality of Wallachia and the basilica of Curtea de Argeş its first capital. added: 5 months ago
Romania - Banca Naţională a României 500 000 Leï ND / 2003 038D3068345 grade: aUNC cat: 115b comment: sign: Mugur Išarescu & Ionel Niţu - Serial # prefix 03 (2003). Front : Edelweiss - Aurel Vlaicu (November 19, 1882 – September 13, 1913) was a Romanian engineer, inventor, airplane constructor and early pilot. Back : A Vlaicu I airplane built in Oct. 1910 - Eagle added: 5 months ago
Romania - Banca Naţională a României 100 000 Leï ND / 2002 025C4991349 grade: aun cat: 114a comment: serial # prefix 02 (2002) Front : Mallow flowers - The classical Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu was born 1838 at Pitaru and died in the year 1907 at Campina (Romania). He is considered the founder of the modern Romanian school, and was the fine painter of the peasants' life in Muntenia. Back: "Rodica, the Water Carrier" - A culă (plural: cule; from Turkish kule "tower, turret") is a semi-fortified building found in the Oltenia region of Romania with a number of examples located in the historical province of Muntenia. added: 5 months ago