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ALBANIA - Banka e Shtetit Shqiptar 100 Lekë ND/1991 series: AC 567889 grade: VF+ cat: 47a comment: Front : Steel workers, oil derricks, steel mill. Back : Refinery. added: 2 weeks ago
ALBANIA - Banka e Shtetit Shqiptar 10 Lek Valutë ND / 1992 Nr : 187982 or Nr : 587982 (error) grade: aUNC cat: 49a comment: Banknotes denominated "Lek-Valute", issue of 1992, were called 'banknotes of emergency', as they were printed due to the pressing demand of economy for cash. They had the corresponding countervalue: denomination 10 "Lek Valute" = 500 Lekë. These banknotes were in circulation for only one year. FRONT : Steelworker. BACK : Electrical transmission towers , hydroelectric generator at right. added: 3 weeks ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 2 Zloty 01/08/1940 AG 8880679 grade: VF- cat: 100 comment: Bank Emisyjny w Polsce Observe : Peasant women added: 4 weeks ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 10 Zloty 01/03/1940 series: L 1006729 grade: VF+ cat: 94 comment: Observe : Girl in headdress on watermark area at left, allegorical woman at left and right. Reverse: Chopin Statue, Warsaw - erected in 1926 - During World War II, the statue was blown up on May 31, 1940 - It was the first monument that was destroyed by the occupying Germans in Warsaw - - The original mould for the statue, which had survived the war, made it possible to cast a replica, which was placed at the original site in 1958. added: 4 weeks ago
USA 1 $ - Silver Certificate 1935 (15/08/1942) overprint: "Hawaii" C01523168 C grade: VF- cat: 36a comment: Brown Seal - First distributed in 1942, the Hawaii overprint note was a special series of banknotes that was issued during World War II with the intention not to further segregate the Hawaiian Islands from the mainland, but to prevent Japanese forces from getting hold of American currency. By August 15th, 1942, no non-overprint notes were left in Hawaii and no other paper currency could be used in the islands without special permission. added: 5 weeks ago
USA 1 $ - Silver Certificate 1935 (November 1942) B99226037 C grade: VG+ cat: 416AY comment: Special Issued for Military Use in North Africa & Sicily in WWII. Yellow Seal. the American government was worried that the American money supply in North Africa could be taken over by a German attack. In response to this worry, all military personnel were paid with one, five, and ten dollar silver certificates with a yellow seal. This action was taken so that any silver certificate with a yellow seal could be devalued if the Germans did in fact capture the money. Don’t let the years on these confuse you. Paper money isn’t like coins. The series date on currency rarely coincides with when the note actually left the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. So while North Africa notes say 1935 or 1934, they were most certainly not printed then. Front : Président George Washington - Back : Great Seal of the United States. added: 5 weeks ago
USA 1 $ ND / 1899 R37947565 A grade: VG+ cat: 338c(8) comment: This Note is commonly called a black eagle or just an eagle for obvious reasons. Sign. Speelman & White. FRONT : at the bottom of each side of the eagle - Président A Lincoln & Ulysse Grant (April 27, 1822 – July 23, 1885) - 18th President of the United States (1869–77). added: 6 weeks ago
Romania 10 000 Lei 02/1994 A.0043 grade: XF- cat: 105 comment: Banca Naţională a României Observe : Nicolae Iorga (January 17, 1871 – November 27, 1940) was a Romanian historian, politician, literary critic, memoirist, poet and playwright. Late 2nd-century statue of Glycon. (National History and Archeology Museum, Constanţa, Romania). Reverse : "Fortuna Statue" - "The Thinker", Hamangia culture, Romania, 7000 – 6600 years ago - The National Museum of Romanian History (was constructed from 1894-1900 to the designs of local architect Alexandru Săvulescu). added: 7 weeks ago
USA 1 $ 18/05/1914 (1918) series: B-2 B14800684 A grade: VF+ cat: 371B(2) comment: Nickname of the "Flying Eagle." Authorized by the Acts of Dec. 23, 1913 and April 23, 1918. Obverse: Portrait of George Washington (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799), the First President of the United States of America, painted by Gilbert Stuart. There is a Blue Treasury seal on the right hand side of the bill and the serial numbers are in blue ink. Reverse: Bald Eagle in flight clutching a U.S. American flag. Predominant colors: Black and green. Signatures: (as depicted) Houston Benge Teehee, Register of the Treasury and John Burke, Treasurer of the United States; Laurence H. Hendricks (Cashier); Benjamin Strong (Governor). added: 2 months ago
USA 1 $ ND / 1917 A13251257 A grade: VF- cat: 187(1) comment: Obverse: Bust of George Washington, first President of the United States, 1789-1797. At the left, Christopher Columbus in sight of land. This vignette was designed by Joseph P. Ourdan."ONE DOLLAR" at right. Reverse: Because of its design, it is known as the "sawhorse reverse." Signatures: (as depicted) Houston.B Teehee : Register of the Treasury and John Burke : Treasurer of the United States. Inscriptions: Act of March 3rd 1863 – Series of 1917 – Engraved & Printed at the Bureau Engraving & Printing – Register Of The Treasury – Treasurer Of The United States – This Note Is A Legal Tender For One Dollar – The United States Will Pay To Bearer One Dollar Washington D.C. – United States Note – Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur – United States of America – This Note is a Legal Tender at its face value for all debts public and private, except duties on imports and interest on the public debt. Counterfeiting or altering this note or passing any counterfeit or alteration of it, or having in possession any false or counterfeit plate or impression of it, or any paper made in imitation of the paper on which it is printed is felony, and is punishable by $5,000 fine, or 15 years imprisonment at hard labor or both. – Printed at The Bureau of Engraving and Printing. added: 2 months ago
Romania 200 Lei 01/12/1992 series: B0006 380721 grade: aUNC cat: 100 comment: Banca Naţională a României Observe : Grigore Antipa (27 November 1867 – 9 March 1944) was a Romanian Darwinist biologist who studied the fauna of the Danube Delta and the Black Sea. Between 1892 and 1944 he was the director of the Bucharest Natural History Museum, which now bears his name. Background, Heron, Ferry on Danube and old lighthouse (sulina). Reverse : Danube river fauna, on background - map of the danube delta. added: 2 months ago
Republica Socialistă România 100 Lei ND / 1966 series: B0095 966850 grade: aUNC cat: 97 comment: Observe : Nicolae Bălcescu (29 June 1819 – 29 November 1852) was a Romanian Wallachian soldier, historian, journalist, and leader of the 1848 Wallachian Revolution. Reverse : The Romanian Athenaeum (Ateneul Român) is a concert hall ( opened in 1888,) in the center of Bucharest added: 2 months ago
Republica Socialistă România 1 Leu ND / 1966 series: H 0030 040244 grade: UNC cat: 91 comment: Banca Naţională a Republicii Socialiste România. added: 2 months ago
Republica Populară Română 10 Lei ND / 1952 series: F 6 N° 007833 grade: aUNC cat: 88a comment: On January 28, 1952, another new leu was introduced - These rates ranged from 20 to 400 "old lei" for 1 "new" leu - Again, no advance warning was given before the reform took place. Front : Worker Back : Mining added: 2 months ago
Republica Populară Română 1 Leu ND / 1952 series: f 54 803834 grade: aUNC cat: 81b added: 2 months ago
Kingdom of Romania 100 L ND/1945 series: wo wo grade: aUNC cat: 78 comment: Ministerul Finanţelor Observe : Michael I of Romania (25 October 1921 – 5 December 2017) was the last King of Romania, reigning from 20 July 1927 to 8 June 1930 and again from 6 September 1940 until his abdication on 30 December 1947. added: 2 months ago
Dominion of Canada 1 $ 17/03/1917 series: J1 J - 4322649 A grade: VG cat: 32e comment: Signatures : Geo. W. Hyndman & J. C. Saunders. Observe : Princess Patricia of Connaught (Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth; later Lady Patricia Ramsay (17 March 1886 – 12 January 1974) was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Upon her marriage to Alexander Ramsay, she relinquished her title of a British princess and the style of Royal Highness. Reverse : Parliament building, Ottawa. added: 2 months ago
Dominion of Canada 1 $ 03/01/1911 series: A 026076 - W grade: VG+ cat: 27a comment: Observe : At Left - Albert Henry George Grey, 4th Earl Grey (28 November 1851 – 29 August 1917) was a British nobleman and politician who served as Governor General of Canada (1904-1911). at Right : his wife Alice "Countess Grey" Holford Grey (18 November 1858 - 26 September 1944). Reverse Parliament Building. Following the designation of Ottawa as the capital of the Province of Canada (1857) added: 2 months ago
Kingdom of Romania 50 Bani ND / 1917 grade: VF- cat: 71 comment: Observe : Ferdinand I (Ferdinand Viktor Albert Meinrad; 24 August 1865 – 20 July 1927), nicknamed Întregitorul ("the Unifier"), was King of Romania from 10 October 1914 until his death in 1927. Reverse : Coat of Arms. added: 2 months ago
Kingdom of Romania 10 Bani ND / 1917 grade: VG+ cat: 69 comment: Ministerul Finanțelor (Ministry of Finance). “Paper coins” considered to be the smallest banknotes in the world. Observe : King Ferdinand I Reverse : Cot of arms / Motto : "Nihil sine deo" - Nothing without God. added: 2 months ago
Romania 100 Lei 05/12/1947 series: B.9 958390 grade: VG+ cat: 67a comment: Banca Naţională a României - A revaluation ("Great stabilization", marea stabilizare) took place on August 15, 1947, replacing the old leu at a rate of 20,000 old lei = 1 new leu. Observe : Intellectual (with torch of science), farmer (with ears of corn) and worker (with hammer). added: 2 months ago
Romania 1 000 000 Lei 16/04/1947 series: P0854 0789 grade: VF+ cat: 60 comment: Observe : Trajan Impérator & Décebal (Decebalus (r. 87–106 AD) was the last king of Dacia). Reverse : Farmers familly. added: 2 months ago
Romania 100 000 Lei 20/12/1945 series: O/4 0964687 grade: xf cat: 58a comment: Front & Back : Peasant scenes. added: 2 months ago
Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 1 DINAR ND / 1919 series: 29F 041,178 grade: XF+ cat: 12 comment: Signature - : Dr Momčilo Ninčić Obverse : Miloš Obilić wearing a helmet; Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes Reverse : Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of SCS in French. added: 2 months ago
Romania 10 000 Lei 20/12/1945 series: X.1481 - 0783 37021783 grade: VF+ cat: 57a comment: Banca Naţională a României Front & Back : Romanian peasant women, the middle coatof arms. added: 2 months ago
Romania 2000 Lei 18/11/1941 series: H.1342 - 0601 33582601 grade: VF- cat: 53a comment: Front Description : Romanian peasant women (spinning / breastfeeding). Back Description : Romanian peasant women, the middle coat of arms, industrial landscape, Peleş Castle (in the background). added: 2 months ago
Romania 1000 Lei 10/09/1941 series: D.1208 - 0613 30178613 grade: XF+ cat: 52a comment: Banca Naţională a României. Front & Back : "scenes" of life in the fields. added: 2 months ago
Romania 500 Lei 26/01/1943 B/11 - 0315812 grade: XF+ cat: 51a comment: Front : Peasant women Back : Peles castle added: 2 months ago
Romania 1000 Lei 21/12/1938 series: L.0687 - 0586 17161586 grade: aUNC cat: 46 comment: Front and Back: Different scenes of the life of women and children of Romania - Field work, crops, spinning, breastfeeding. added: 2 months ago
Romania 500 Lei 31/07/1934 A/1 - 499,883 grade: XF+ cat: 36a comment: Front : Carol II (15 October 1893 – 4 April 1953) reigned as King of Romania from 8 June 1930 until his enforced abdication on 6 September 1940 - Character, as contrasted as controversial is at the origin of his abdication. Considered by the "Legionnaire" movement as a foreign parasite of the Romanian nation. He yielded to the ultimatums, Russians, Hungarians and Bulgarians and favored the taking of power dictating Ion Antonescu before abdicating in favor of his son Michel . Back : Peleș Castle (Castelul Peleș) - in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania, on an existing medieval route linking Transylvania and Wallachia, built between 1873 and 1914. Its inauguration was held in 1883. It was constructed for King Carol I. added: 2 months ago
Romania 1 Leu 17/07/1920 series: O.3760 0756 grade: XF+ cat: 26a comment: Front : Industrial landscape, value, maid. Back : Coat of arms - Wolf capitol with Romulus & Remus - Traian & Decebal added: 2 months ago
Romania 500 Lei 31/07/1919 series: C.198 0787 grade: XF- cat: 22c comment: signature titles: Guvernator, Director, Directorul Casei. Observe : Peasant scene (Women & Boy): the harvest. Reverse : Peasant scene (two women ) : The return of the fields. added: 2 months ago
Romania 5 Lei 25/03/1920 series: Y.980 0156 grade: VF- cat: 19a* comment: *Narrow date Observe : Woman & Arms. Reverse : Fruit Harvest. added: 2 months ago
Romania 2 Lei 12/03/1915 series: I.626 0778 grade: VF+ cat: 18 comment: Banca Naţională a României Observe : Maid, value, Eagle. Reverse : Coat of arms, two Romanian soldiers. added: 2 months ago
Romania 20 Lei ND / 1917 series: C. 2919298 grade: VF- cat: M6 comment: Observe : Issued under a special privilege and covered by a cash deposit at Bank of the German Empire, Berlin. Reverse : Mercury These banknotes were destroyed on November 16, 1918. added: 2 months ago
HUNGARY 2 Pengő 15/07/1940 series: J 159 049849 grade: aUNC cat: 108 comment: Endre Horváth (# 109). Seventy years ago, two beautiful girls have succeeded in what modern supermodels can dream of. Observe : Valéria Rudas is one of those female models (sixteen-year-old) from Bény today Bíňa in Slovakia. Reverse : Mrs Lajos Fábián and his daughter, Mariska (Hollókő village). added: 2 months ago
HUNGARY 1 Pengő 15/01/1938 series: H 272 054448 grade: VF- cat: 102 comment: Magyar Nemzeti Bank Observe : Arms & "Hungária" ? Revrse : Monogram of Magyar Nemzeti Bank added: 2 months ago
ESTONIA 50 Krooni 27/06/1929 to 1935 0565759 grade: XF- cat: 65 comment: Observe : Rannamoisa cliffs (small town in Harku Parish, Harju County in northern Estonia). On the background, far away at the skyline, the view at Tallinn. Reverse : coat of arms of Estonia (adopted on June 19, 1925) - The three lions derive from the arms of Danish king Valdemar II who had conquered northern Estonia in 1219. added: 2 months ago
Venezuela 100 000 Bolivares fuerte 07/09/2017 A02336500 grade: UNC cat: 100 comment: like the P93 & P99 banknote but of dominant Yellow color. Observe : Siomon Bolivar Reverse : Black-hooded red siskin birds (carduelis cucullata), Guaraira Repano (El Ávila National Park). added: 2 months ago
Venezuela 20 000 Bolivares fuerte 18/08/2016 A16695780 grade: UNC cat: 98 comment: like the P93 banknote but of dominant pink color. Observe: Simon Bolivar Reverse: Black-hooded red siskin birds (carduelis cucullata), Guaraira Repano (El Ávila National Park). added: 2 months ago
Venezuela 10 000 Bolivares fuerte 18/08/2016 A68672829 grade: UNC cat: 98 comment: like the P92 banknote but of dominant blue color. Observe : Simón Rodríguez Reverse : Spectacled bear (tremarctos ornatos), Laguna del Santo Cristo (Sierra Nevada National Park) added: 2 months ago
ho 1 $ 01/07/1954 1D 912831 grade: XF- cat: 324Aa comment: FRONT : QE II added: 2 months ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ 01/01/1952 E/5 388472 grade: XF- cat: 324b comment: FRONT : King George VI added: 2 months ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ ND / 1940 & 1941 A/2 257214 grade: VF+ cat: 316 comment: FRONT : King George VI added: 2 months ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ ND / 1936 Q995820 grade: VF- cat: 312 comment: FRONT : George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George; 14 December 1895 – 6 February 1952) was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth from 11 December 1936 until his death. He was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth. added: 2 months ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ ND / 1935 E219407 grade: VF+ cat: 311 comment: FRONT : George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert; 3 June 1865 – 20 January 1936) was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, from 6 May 1910 until his death in 1936. added: 2 months ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ 01/06/1935 F 446,802 grade: VF- cat: 172c comment: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation / HSBC / was established in 1865. Observe : "BRITANNIA" / Female personification of Great Britain, the British Empire or the United Kingdom. Reverse : "Ceres" was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. added: 3 months ago
LATVIA - LETTONIE 25 Lati ND / 1928 (1929) B002307 grade: VF- cat: 18 comment: FRONT : The portrait of Krisjana Valdemara (December 2, 1825 / December 7, 1891) was a writer, editor, educator, politician, lexicographer, folklorist and economist - On the left in the baltic sea "a shoveller" _On the right in Daugava River, The "Krisjanis Valdemars" was the only Latvian steamship, It made its maiden voyage from Riga Port on January 13, 1926 - the "Krisjanis Valdemars" made it final voyage after it was sunk after hitting an underwater mine in the Baltic Sea on August 28, 1941. Sign : the President of the Council of the Bank of Latvia : J.Celma - and the Principal Director : K.Vanaga. Reverse : Coat of Arms. added: 3 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 100 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: D 3383179 grade: XF+ cat: 103 added: 3 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 50 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: D 7352138 grade: VF+ cat: 102 comment: The 50 Zlotych banknotes from the Series of 1941 also have a portrait of Emilia Plater. On the reverse is a dramatic monument of Poland’s Renaissance architecture -- the Renaissance Sukiennice or Cloth Hall on Kraków’s Rynek Glowny (Central Square). The Cloth Hall is over 700 years old and considered one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. added: 3 months ago