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scot 1 £ (North Of Scotland Bank limited) 01/07/1940 C201166 grade: xf cat: S644 comment: FRONT : King's College in Old Aberdeen, Scotland, the full title of which is The University and King's College of Aberdeen (Collegium Regium Abredonense), is a formerly independent university founded in 1495 and now an integral part of the University of Aberdeen. Its historic buildings are the centrepiece of the University of Aberdeen's Old Aberdeen campus, often known as the King's or King's College campus. BACK : Arms / Motto - "Ne nimium" (not too much) - "fide et Indsutria" (By faith and industry ). added: 44 minutes ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (The Union Bank Of scotland Limited) 12/02/1937 series: K/25 613915 grade: VF+ cat: S815c added: 1 hour ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (National Commercial Bank Of Scotland Limited) 01/10/1964 series: 1H 148171 grade: VF cat: 269a comment: Same descriptive as the Catalog number 265 banknote, but the dominant color is green. added: 1 hour ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (National Commercial Bank Of Scotland Limited) 16/09/1959 S 864986 grade: VF+ cat: 265 comment: FRONT : The Forth Bridge, Construction of the bridge began in 1882 and it was opened on 4 March 1890 - 9 miles (14 kilometres). BACK : Arms - "In Patriam Fidelis" (faithful to the homeland / "Ditat - Servata - Fides" (faith preserved enriches or rich fidelity). added: 1 hour ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (The National Bank Of Scotland) 01/10/1956 series: B/P 898 - 498 grade: xf cat: 258c comment: FRONT : Glasgow cathedral (on the left) and castle (at right). BACK : Edinburgh (panoramic view). added: 1 hour ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Clydesdale Bank) 01/02/1965 series: C/D 826988 grade: VF+ cat: 197 comment: Same descriptive as the banknote reference 195 "CLYDESDALE BANK & NORTH OF SCOTLAND BANK LTD". added: 1 hour ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Clydesdale & North of Scotland Bank limited) 01/03/1961 series: B/A 422894 grade: vf cat: 195a comment: FRONT : Arms -Motto Latin" Fide Et Industria" (faith and industry ) - Litore Ad Litus / Stone carving over the door to the head-office of the Clydesdale Bank in Glasgow. BACK : Ship under construction, tugboat added: 2 hours ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Clydesdale & North of Scotland Bank limited 01/03/1954 J924649 grade: VF- cat: 191a comment: FRONT : Arms, ships at dockside, landscape. BACK : River scene added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd) series: A/25 201572 grade: XF- cat: S331b comment: FRONT : Major John Pitcairn (28 December 1722 – 17 June 1775) was a Scottish Marine officer who was stationed in Boston, Massachusetts, at the start of the American War of Independence. Upper, detail of the façade of Commercial Bank of Scotland building. BACK : The Dome is a building on George Street in the New Town of Edinburgh, Scotland. It currently functions as a bar, restaurant and nightclub, although it was first built as the headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Scotland in 1847. The building was designed by David Rhind in a Graeco-Roman style. added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd) 02/01/1953 series: 26T 603783 grade: VF+ cat: S332 comment: FRONT : Henry Thomas Cockburn of Bonaly, Lord Cockburn (26 October 1779 - 26 April/18 July 1854) was a Scottish lawyer, judge and literary figure. He served as Solicitor General for Scotland between 1830 and 1834. BACK : added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 1 £ (British Linen Bank) 29/02/1968 series: W/4 913290 grade: VF+ cat: 169a comment: Front : Sir Walter Scott Back : Seal "DITAT" added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 1 £ (British Linen Bank) 12/05/1959 series: K/3 869004 grade: VF+ cat: 157d comment: FRONT : Arms, seal BACK : Seal 'DITAT" - they want to say wealth or Rich. added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 1 £ (The Royal Bank of Scotland) 04/02/1993 series: C/26 202999 grade: aUNC cat: 351c comment: Front : Lord Ilay (refer to #347a) Back : Edinburgh Castle -There has been a royal castle in the 12th century to the end of 15th century. added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 5 £ (The Royal Bank of Scotland) 11/02/2016 (27/10/2016) series: AE 530099 grade: UNC cat: New PICK comment: FRONT : Nan (Anna) Shepherd (11 February 1893 – 23 February 1981) was a Scottish novelist and poet. Behind Nan’s portrait sits a picture of the Cairngorms, so beloved by Nan Shepherd and celebrated in her writing, as well as a quote from her book ‘The Living Mountain'. On the reverse of the £5 note features two mackerel, the single most valuable stock for the Scottish fishing industry, as well as an excerpt from the poem ‘The Choice’ by Sorley MacLean (1911/1996). added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 5 £ (The Royal Bank of Scotland) 25/03/1987 series: A/2 193567 grade: aUNC cat: 347a comment: Front : Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of Argyll, 1st Earl of Ilay (June 1682 – 15 April 1761) was a Scottish nobleman, politician, lawyer, businessman and soldier. He was known as Lord Archibald Campbell from 1703 to 1706, and as the Earl of Ilay from 1706 until 1743, when he succeeded to the dukedom. He was the dominant political leader in Scotland in his day, and was involved in many civic projects. First Governor of this bank. Back: Culzean Castle near Maybole, Carrick, it was built in stages between 1777 and 1792. added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 1 £ (The Royal Bank of Scotland) 01/03/1966 series: CM 441365 grade: vf cat: 325a comment: Front : Athena, allegorical woman and Upper - "Dieu et mon droit" is the royal motto UK. Back : Royal Bank of Scotland buldings in Edinburgh and Glasgow. added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 5 £ (Clydesdale Bank) 13/02/2016 series: W/HS 035983 grade: UNC cat: 369b comment: signature: Chief Executive Officer David Duffy - "The Forth Bridge Scottish World Heritage Site" - 125th Anniversary of Opening of Forth Bridge. Front : Sir William Arrol (13 February 1839 – 20 February 1913) was a Scottish civil engineer, bridge builder, and Liberal Unionist Party politician.Bottom right of portrait The crane Titan Clydebank is a 150-foot-high (46 m). added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Clydesdale Bank) 18/09/1987 series: D/DP 311443 grade: aUNC cat: 211d comment: Front : Robert I (11 July 1274 – 7 June 1329), popularly known as Robert the Bruce- was King of Scots from 1306 until his death in 1329. Back : The Battle of Bannockburn (24 June 1314) was a significant Scottish victory in the First War of Scottish Independence. added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 5 £ (Bank of Scotland) 25/03/2016 series: AD 279748 grade: UNC cat: New Pick comment: Front : Sir Walter Scott; Bank of Scotland building, Edinburgh - Back : Brig o' Doon, sometimes called the Auld Brig or Old Bridge of Doon is a late medieval bridge in Ayrshire, Dumfries - Built in the early fifteenth century (by James Kennedy, who died in 1465). added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Bank of Scotand) 18/11/1986 series: D/90 0989631 grade: VF+ cat: 111f comment: Front : Portrait of Sir Walter Scott (author, 1771 - 1832). Back: Sailing ship, arms, seal added: yesterday
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Bank of Scotand) 01/09/1955 H0510620 grade: VF+ cat: 100b comment: signatures: Craig & Watson - issue between: 01.05.1955 - 14.09.1956. Front & Back : Medallion and Sailing Ship. added: yesterday
Uganda 100 Shillings ND / 1982 series: D/70 146152 grade: aUNC cat: 19b comment: FRONT : Coat of arms and political map of the country. BACK : Lake Kyoga (also spelled Kioga) is a large shallow lake in Uganda, about 1,720 km2 (660 sq mi). added: 2 weeks ago
ALBANIA - Korçe 1/2 Franga 25.03.1917 overprint: violet handstamp on back "Korce" series: B numbering illegible 00 xxx grade: Poor cat: S143a comment: The frange (Albanian) or franc (French) was the currency of the Republic of Korçë (also written "Koritza" on the currency) between 1917 and 1921. It was subdivided into 100 centimes. The currency was introduced during the period of French occupation. It was only issued in paper money form, with notes issued in denominations of 50 centimes, 1 and 5 frange. After the end of the French occupation, the frange was replaced by the skender in 1921. FRONT : Double headed eagle BACK: added: 2 weeks ago
Banco de Costa Rica 5 Colones ND - (1901-1908) series: C 37120 grade: aUNC cat: S173r comment: FRONT : Rest after fruit harvest - in the background - woman at plowing and a grain silo. BACK : Banco de Costa Rica building in San José. added: 2 weeks ago
El Banco de Costa Rica 5 Pesos 01/04/1899 81442 grade: XF+ cat: S163 comment: Unissued banknote added: 2 weeks ago
Banco Anglo Costarricense 5 Colones 01.01.19xx (1903-1917) series: A 124541 grade: XF+ cat: 122r comment: FRONT : Juan Mora Fernández (1784 on San José – 1854) was Costa Rica's first elected head of state - considered a liberal and decided to move the capital from Cartago to Puntarenas. BACK : Arms. added: 2 weeks ago
SYRIE 1 Piastre 01/01/1920 series: Z/E 964,545 grade: VF+ cat: 6 comment: Banque de Syrie. BACK / Columns of Baalbek added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 2000 £ ND/2017 series: L/01 5009617 grade: UNC cat: New comment: Central Bank Of Syria. FRONT / Bashar Hafez al-Assad (born 11 September 1965) is the 19th and current President of Syria, holding the office since 17 July 2000. It is at the center of international news since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war. BACK / People's Council of Syria, Damascus. added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 100 ND/2009 grade: UNC cat: 113 comment: Central Bank Of Syria. FRONT / Basalt stone gate and amphitheatre of Bosra. BACK / Central Bank of Syria (Damascus), dome of Omayyad mosque in Damascus, ancient coin. added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 1000 £ ND/1997 series: D/23 8694217 grade: UNC cat: 111a comment: Central Bank Of Syria. FRONT / Omayyad mosque, Damascus, President Hafiz al-Assad (1930-2000) - After his assumption of power following a coup in 1970, he was President of the Republic until his death. Its strongly authoritarian regime, structured around the single party of the Baas, established a control of the whole of the Syrian political life. BACK / Oil industry, combine harvester, ship. added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 100 ND/1998 series: R/22 9028551 grade: UNC cat: 108 comment: Central Bank Of Syria. FRONT / Bosra theatre, bust of Roman Emperor Marcus Julius Philippus (Philippus Arabs). BACK / Hejaz Railway locomotive, Hejaz Railway Station (Damascus-Kanawat) added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 100 £ ND/1982 grade: XF- cat: 104c comment: Central Bank Of Syria. FRONT : Hadrian's gate and row of columns in Palmyra - Queen Septimia Zenobia (AD c.240–c.274) was a third-century queen of the Syria-based Palmyrene Empire. BACK : Grain discharging facility, Port of Lattakia. added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 10 £ ND/1991 grade: UNC cat: 101e comment: Central Bank Of Syria. FRONT : Azm Palace (Arabic: قصر العظم‎‎) is a palace in Damascus, Syria which was originally built in 1750 as a residence for the Ottoman governor of Damascus As'ad Pasha al-Azm. The palace now houses the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions. BACK : Seawater desalination plant. added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 1 ND/1977 grade: VF- cat: 99 comment: Central Bank Of Syria FONT : The Umayyad Mosque, also known as the Great Mosque of Damascus;- dedicated to John the Baptist (Yahya) - The mausoleum containing the tomb of Saladin. In the foreground Craftsman at work. BACK : Combine harvester added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 1 £ ND/1982 grade: UNC cat: 93e comment: Central Bank Of Syria FRONT:factory worker with Drill press. BACK: Norias (wheels of pots) on the Orontes River.. added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 5 £ 01/09/1939 series: K/BW 087,068 grade: VF- cat: 41e comment: Banque de Syrie et du (Grand-)Liban. FRONT : Cedar trees BACK : Beyrouth / Beirut added: 3 weeks ago
SYRIE 1 £ 01/01/1939 series: O/FC 098,721 grade: VF- cat: 40e comment: Banque de Syrie et du (Grand-)Liban. FRONT : Columns of Baalbek _ Temple of Jupiter. BACK : Beyrouth / Beirut capital and largest city of Lebanon. added: 3 weeks ago
MOLDOVA 1 Leu ND / 1995 series: A.0061 625587 grade: un cat: 8b comment: FRONT : Stephen the Great (Ștefan cel Mare) - After the Romanian Orthodox Church canonized him in 1992, he is venerated as Stephen the Great and Holy (Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt). BACK : Căpriana monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Căpriana) is one of the oldest monasteries (1429 ?). added: 4 weeks ago
MOLDOVA 1 Leu ND / 1992 series: A0002 156926 grade: UNC cat: 5 comment: FRONT : Stephen III of Moldavia, known as Stephen the Great (Romanian: Ștefan cel Mare) was voivode (or prince) of Moldavia from 1457 to 1504 - Greatest national heroes. BACK : Soroca castle added: 4 weeks ago
MOLDOVA 1000 Cupon ND / 1993 series: B.0003 902828 grade: UNC cat: 3 comment: FRONT : arms BACK : Soroca Fortress (Romanian: Cetatea Soroca) is a historic fort (built in 1499). added: 4 weeks ago
Isle of MAN 1 £ ND / 1990 S553830 grade: UNC cat: 40a comment: Signed by chief Financial Officer Dawson (1990). FRONT : Mature portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II at right, with Triune at lower centre. BACK : View of Tynwald Hill and St. John's Church. added: 4 weeks ago
Isle of MAN 50 Pence ND / 1979 to 1990 C677840 grade: XF- cat: 33a comment: Signed William Dawson Treasurer of the Isle of Man. FRONT : Mature portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II at right, with Triune at lower centre. BACK : Viking ship in full sail. added: 4 weeks ago
EL SALVADOR 1 co 24/10/1972 overprint: Date 24/03/1976 series: UG 5513903 grade: VF- cat: 11a-1 comment: FRONT : José Simeón Cañas BACK : Christopher Columbus added: 5 weeks ago
EL SALVADOR 1 Colon 31/08/1971 overprint: Date 09/09/1974 series: HY 8756488 grade: VF- cat: 115a comment: FRONT : José Simeón Cañas BACK : Christopher Columbus added: 5 weeks ago
EL SALVADOR 1 Colon 12/05/1970 overprint: Date 19/02/1972 series: TK 10689125 grade: XF- cat: 110b comment: FRONT : José Simeón Cañas y Villacorta (born February 18, 1767 in the Barrio El Centro of Zacatecoluca, today in El Salvador, March 4, 1838 in San Vicente) was a Central American politician and university professor. Cañas was rector of the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala in 1802, 1811 and 1812. BACK : Christopher Columbus added: 5 weeks ago
EL SALVADOR 1 Colon 08/09/1964 overprint: Date 01/09/1965 series: FB 1918684 grade: VF+ cat: 105a comment: FRONT : Farmer with oxen BACK : profile of Christopher Columbus. added: 5 weeks ago
EL SALVADOR 1 Colon 23/08/1966 overprint: Date 03/01/1968 series: RI 8409083 grade: VF cat: 100c added: 5 weeks ago
EL SALVADOR 1 Colon 12/03/1963 overprint: Date 29/10/1964 series: PH 7724716 grade: VF+ cat: 100a added: 5 weeks ago
Northern Ireland 1 £ 01/01/1979 PN1792573 grade: UNC cat: 247b comment: Provincial Bank of Ireland Limited, founded in 1825 to 1966. FRONT : The Youth and coat of arms 6 counties of Ulster. BACK : Sailing ship "Girona" added: 5 weeks ago
Northern Ireland 1 £ 01/03/1973 A2222666 grade: UNC cat: 325b comment: This bank has been circulating its banknotes since 1929. FRONT : Landscape, Belfast, rock formation. BACK : Arms - - "Nihil Impossibile Erit Vobis" - It means simply: "Nothing will be impossible for you.". added: 5 weeks ago