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ho 1 $ 01/07/1954 1D 912831 grade: XF- cat: 324Aa comment: FRONT : QE II added: 1 hour ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ 01/01/1952 E/5 388472 grade: XF- cat: 324b comment: FRONT : King George VI added: 1 hour ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ ND / 1940 & 1941 A/2 257214 grade: VF+ cat: 316 comment: FRONT : King George VI added: 1 hour ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ ND / 1936 Q995820 grade: VF- cat: 312 comment: FRONT : George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George; 14 December 1895 – 6 February 1952) was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth from 11 December 1936 until his death. He was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth. added: 1 hour ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ ND / 1935 E219407 grade: VF+ cat: 311 comment: FRONT : George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert; 3 June 1865 – 20 January 1936) was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, from 6 May 1910 until his death in 1936. added: 1 hour ago
Hong Kong / 香港 1 $ 01/06/1935 F 446,802 grade: VF- cat: 172c comment: Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation / HSBC / was established in 1865. Observe : "BRITANNIA" / Female personification of Great Britain, the British Empire or the United Kingdom. Reverse : "Ceres" was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationships. added: 3 days ago
LATVIA - LETTONIE 25 Lati ND / 1928 (1929) B002307 grade: VF- cat: 18 comment: FRONT : The portrait of Krisjana Valdemara (December 2, 1825 / December 7, 1891) was a writer, editor, educator, politician, lexicographer, folklorist and economist - On the left in the baltic sea "a shoveller" _On the right in Daugava River, a high-speed steamer. Sign : the President of the Council of the Bank of Latvia : J.Celma - and the Principal Director : K.Vanaga. Reverse : Coat of Arms. added: 3 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 100 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: D 3383179 grade: XF+ cat: 103 added: 8 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 50 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: D 7352138 grade: VF+ cat: 102 comment: The 50 Zlotych banknotes from the Series of 1941 also have a portrait of Emilia Plater. On the reverse is a dramatic monument of Poland’s Renaissance architecture -- the Renaissance Sukiennice or Cloth Hall on Kraków’s Rynek Glowny (Central Square). The Cloth Hall is over 700 years old and considered one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. added: 8 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 5 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: AD 3876504 grade: XF+ cat: 101 comment: Issued from 01.08.1941 to 10.01.1945. added: 8 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 1 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: AF 3706446 grade: XF+ cat: 99a comment: Issued from ND 1941 to 10.01.1945 added: 8 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 500 Zloty 01/03/1940 series: B 0510237 grade: VF- cat: 98 comment: The highest denominated banknote 500 zloty had a common nickname "mountaineer" from the picture of a mountaineer on the face and the Tatra Mountain with lake Morskie Oko on reverse. added: 8 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 100 Zloty 01/03/1940 series: E 0416620 grade: XF- cat: 97 comment: Observe & Reverse: Drawing of the head of an old man with a beard. On the reverse, the building of the Bank of Poland in Warsaw. added: 8 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 20 Zloty 01/03/1940 L 3106148 grade: VF+ cat: 95 comment: On December 15, 1939, the new Bank Emisyjny was established by the General Government, itself set up by Nazi Germany. In May 1940, old banknotes of 1924–1939 were stamped by the new entity. The money exchange was limited per individual. The fixed exchange rate 1 Reichsmark = 2 zlote was established. A new issue of notes appeared in 1941. Observe & Reverse : Portrait of Emilia Plater. On the reverse are allegorical figures of architecture and history. Also featured is a view of Wawel Castle and Cathedral located on the banks of the Vistula River in historic Kraków Old Town. The cemetery serves as the final resting place for most Polish kings and national heroes. The Cathedral was also associated with Pope John Paul II before he went to the Vatican. added: 10 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 100 Zloty 01/02/1940 to 20/05/1940 overprint: Generalgouvernement für die besetzten polnischen Gebiete series: BW 9224465 grade: XF+ cat: 90a comment: Red Overprint across the width "Generalgouvernement für die besetzten polnischen Gebiete" (Government General for the occupied Polish territories). Look also Poland P75a. added: 10 days ago
POLAND 100 Zloty 09/11/1934 series: BG. 0837481 grade: XF+ cat: 75a comment: Bank Polski FRONT : Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski ( 7 May 1763 – 19 October 1813) was a Polish leader, general, minister of war and army chief, who became a Marshal of the French Empire. BACK : large tree. added: 10 days ago
POLAND 500 000 Marek Polskich 30/08/1923 № 09334743 grade: XF- cat: 36b comment: serial # with "№" added: 10 days ago
POLAND 500 000 Marek Polskich 30/08/1923 U 9725274 grade: XF- cat: 36a added: 10 days ago
POLAND 100 000 Marek Polskich 30/08/1923 B 2260621 grade: VF+ cat: 34a comment: Polska Krajowa Kasa Pożyczkowa / Polish National Loan Fund / Polnischer Nationalkreditfonds / Fonds de prêt national polonais. added: 10 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 1 Zloty 01/03/1940 D1133901 grade: VF- cat: 91 comment: Generalgouvernement Polen / Generalna Gubernia / Bank Emisyjny w Polsce. Issued 27.03.1940 to 10.01.1945 Sign left: Prezydent / President = Feliks Młynarski (November 20, 1884 / April 13, 1972). Sign Right : Zastępca Prezydenta / Deputy President = Rudolf Jędrzejowski. added: 11 days ago
Teschen District 1 Krone / 1 Korone 30/04/1919 83727 grade: XF+ cat: Unk comment: Cash register / Voucher / Notgeld. "lands beyond the Olza" / Poland and Czechoslovakia, see Cieszyn and Český Těšín. added: 11 days ago
POLAND 1 Mark 14/01/1917 B.6983435 grade: VG+ cat: 8 comment: Regency Kingdom of Poland / General-Governorship Board. added: 11 days ago
POLAND 1 Groszy 28/04/1924 727875* grade: VG+ cat: 42b comment: 1924 Provisional "Cut in Half" - - - - Bilet Zdawkowy (Utility Note) Issue. added: 11 days ago
LIBAN 5 Piastres 15/07/1942 grade: VF cat: 34 comment: French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon (1923/1946). added: 13 days ago
SYRIE 5 Piastres 15/02/1944 grade: VG+ cat: 55 comment: French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon (1923/1946). Reverse : citadel of Alep. added: 13 days ago
HUNGARY 02/02/1852 series: B Wo grade: XF+ cat: S136r_B comment: This certificate was issue out of New York in the amount of $1 and was payable one year after the establishment of the Independent Hungarian Government. Hungarian Fund. OBSERVE: This historic document has an ornate border around it with vignettes of a man, and allegorical woman, and an allegorical woman standing on a man's head with a sword in her hand. Sign by Lajos Kossuth. On demand one year after the establishment in fact of the Independent Hungarian Government, the holder hereof shall be entitled 1 Dollar payable at the National Treasury or at either of its Agencies at London or New York, or to exchange the same in sums of 50 Dollars or over for Certificates bearing 4% interest payable in 10 equal annual installments from 1 year after said event. added: 5 weeks ago
CZECHOSLOVAKIA / Tchécoslovaquie 1 Koruna / on 100 Korun ND / 1919 series: 1875 46609 grade: VF+ cat: 4a comment: 1 Koruna stamp on AUSTRIA P-12 added: 6 weeks ago
AUSTRIA 10 Kronen / Korona / Korun / Koron / Corone / Kron / Kruna / Coroane 02/01/1915 series: 1214 204365 grade: VF cat: 19 comment: Issued in 24/07/1916 - Withdrawal in 31/12/1918. Observe : Boy and Austrian arms (side austrian) Reverse: Boy and Hugarian arms (side hungarian). added: 6 weeks ago
AUSTRIA 100 Kronen / Korona / Korun / Koron / Corone / Kron / Kruna / Coroane 02/01/1912 series: 1784 27016 grade: VF cat: 12 comment: Issue in 13/12/1912 _ Withdrawal in 31/12/1918. Observe : Front female bust and arms on Austrian side. Reverse : Female bust in profile and arms on Hungarian side. added: 6 weeks ago
HUNGARY 1 (Egy) FORINT ND / 1852 series: E grade: XF- cat: S141r-E comment: Sign Kossuth Lajos. Unissued remainder / Penzjegy (Ministry of Finance), Philadelphia. Allegorical women, defeated monarch. added: 6 weeks ago
HUNGARY 10 Korona ND / 1920 overprint: Handstamp "MAGYARORSZÁG" series: 1224 573557 grade: VF+ cat: 19 comment: Banknote Hungarian's side with Handstamp "MAGYARORSZÁG" on AUSTRIA P-19 added: 6 weeks ago
MONTENEGRO (CRNA GORA) 2 Perpera (25/07/1914) - ND / 1916 overprint: Handstamped - "Width of CETINJE 16 mm" series: B.19 736 grade: VF cat: M 19 comment: Ink handstamped "purple" / « k.u.k. Armee », or in Hungarian « Császári és Királyi hadsereg ». Kaiserlich und Königlich / Imperial and Royal - It was the most important military formation of the Austro-Hungarian Land Forces (of), to which also belonged the k.k. Landwehr and the Hungarian Defense Forces or k.u. Honvéd. added: 6 weeks ago
Kingdom of Serbia (Краљевина Србија) 50 Kruna ND / November 1918 series: Serial partly hidden by the stamp affixed 467953 grade: VF- cat: Not Listed / wo Pick comment: "Handstamped" Austro-Hungarian Kronen Issue. Краљевске власти србије - овлашћене за циркулацију и важење до (датум) - approximately translated by -Royal authorities of serbia - authorized to circulate and valid until (date). added: 7 weeks ago
Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 1 Kruna 22/11/1918 series: 1292 514786 grade: VF+ cat: Not listed / wo Pick comment: "Handstamped" on Austro-Hungarian Kronen Issue. SHS = (Srpski, Hrvati, Slovenac) / Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian. "Prekomurje Hrvatska" / Today region located in the far north-east of Slovenia, on the left bank of the Mura River. added: 7 weeks ago
ROMANIA / Transilvania (Siebenbürgen) & Banat 10 Coroane January / February - - ND / 1919 overprint: Ink Pad - "Timbru Romania Special" series: 1077 051035 grade: VF cat: R13 comment: Handstamp on the Hungarian side of Austro-Hungarian Banknotes - on AUSTRIA Pick 19. added: 7 weeks ago
ROMANIA / Bukovina 100 Coroane January / February - - ND / 1919 overprint: Ink Pad "Timbru Romania Special" series: 1423 58421 grade: VF cat: R9 comment: "Handstamped on German Side" Issue on AUSTRIA Pick -12 added: 7 weeks ago
Northern Ireland 10 £ 01/01/1998 UA899322 grade: XF- cat: 136a comment: Observe : "Youg Man" and below 6 crests of the province of Ulster. Reverse : Spanish Armada in Ireland / La Girona was a galleass of the 1588 Spanish Armada that foundered and sank off Lacada Point, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, on the night of 26 October 1588 after making its way eastward along the Irish coast. The wreck is noteworthy for the loss of life that resulted, and for the treasures since recovered. added: 2 months ago
Danske Bank - Ulster 10 £ 25/01/2013 AA1128642 grade: VF+ cat: 212 comment: Observe : John Boyd Dunlop, bicycle Reverse : Drawing and details of City Hall, Belfast. added: 2 months ago
FRANCE 2 Francs ND / 1917 series: A 0,725,284 grade: VF+ cat: VF05 comment: Description identical to the 50 cent note, but the dominant color is purple. added: 3 months ago
FRANCE 1 Franc ND / 1917 series: M 0,294,462 grade: VF+ cat: VF03 comment: Description identical to the 50 cent note, but the dominant color is brown added: 3 months ago
FRANCE 50 Centimes ND / 1917 series: I 0,435,009 grade: X cat: VF01 comment: Signature of the Paymaster General to the armies: C. de CELLE FRONT : In the center, in a cartouche, the value in letter framed characters evoking the return of the Soldier (in French : "Poilu" (woman, children, soldier, dog). BACK : In the same type of frame as the front: French Republic, Value in figures in the angles - In the center a cartridge with the RF monogram - On both sides of the monogram text on the terms of Repayment and validity. added: 3 months ago
DJIBOUTI - French Somali Coast 50 Francs ND/1952 series: F.104 593 grade: VF- cat: 25 comment: FRONT : Dhow (In French = Boutre / In German = Dhau), is the generic name of a number of traditional sailing vessels with one or more masts with lateen sails used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean region. BACK : Camel caravan added: 3 months ago
DJIBOUTI 5 Francs ND/1928 to 1938 series: O.37 398 grade: vf cat: 6b(2) comment: signature titles: "Président" & "Directeur Géneral" / Borduge & Baudouin. FRONT : Helmeted woman - by Charles-Albert Walhain (1877-1936) is a French painter and sculptor. added: 3 months ago
Saar 1 Franc ND / 1919 B.238,545 grade: VF+ cat: 2 comment: FRONT : Marianne is a national symbol of the French Republic, a personification of liberty and reason, and a portrayal of the Goddess of Liberty. BACK: Coin 1 franc 1919 - The Sower engraved by Oscar Roty (1846-1911) is a type of coin that has made a remarkable career in French numismatics. added: 3 months ago
Germany - Allemagne 5 Rentenmark 02/01/1926 C14388631 grade: VF+ cat: 169(2) comment: 8 digit serial FRONT : young girl peasant holding ears of wheat. BACK : Corn sheaf / Maïs Garbe. added: 3 months ago
Slovénia 1 Lira ND / 1945 series: Wo wo grade: VF- cat: P-R1 comment: Yugoslav partisans, who had been fighting Nazi Germany reoccupied the lost territory and established the State Bank for Istria, Fiume and the Slovenian Coast in 1945. The State Bank for Istria, Fiume and Slovene Coastal Area introduced regional banknotes in denomination of 1 Lire (P-R1), 5 Lira (P-R2), 10 Lira (P-R3), 20 Lira (P-R4), 50 Lira (P-R6), 100 Lira (P-R6), 500 Lira (P-R7) and 1,000 Lira (P-R8). added: 3 months ago
Slovénia 1 Lira 20/02/1944 AA - 186200 * grade: VF cat: P-S109 comment: These notes were issued by the Slovenian Committee for National Liberation. The partisan notes in denominations of 1 Liro (P-S109), 5 Lir (P-S110), 5 Lir (P-S114), 10 Lir (P-S115) and 100 Lir (P-S117) were issued in 1944 and circulated in Trieste and Fiume. added: 3 months ago
Manchukuo 100 Yuan ND / 1938 series: 36 0169054 grade: VF+ cat: J133b comment: (Man Chou Chung Yan Yin Hang / Central Bank of Manchukuo) . 7 digit serial #. FRONT : Temple of Confucius, Qufu BACK: Sheep added: 3 months ago
Espagne (Banco de España) 1 Peseta 28/02/1938 E 8035736 grade: VF+ cat: 107 comment: BURGOS added: 4 months ago
Northern Bank - Ulster 1 £ 01/10/1971 C4956513 grade: XF+ cat: 187b comment: Sign. : H. M. Gabbey FRONT : Harland & Wolff shipyard, cows, loom. BACK : Lion. added: 4 months ago