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JAPON / Japan / Nippon-koku / 日本国

Japan, 1000 Yen, 07/01/1950

Banknote details

Country Japan
Denomination 1000 Yen
Date 07/01/1950
Serial number B 743006 G
Grade VF+
Catalog number 92a
Comment Nippon Ginko Ken / Bank of Japan withdrawal of the bank note on 04/01/1965 Front : Shôtoku – TAISHI (574-622) One of the most important politicians of Japan before the Kyoto era - formalized Buddhism, a recent religion, and promulgated a constitution that modeled Japanese society for centuries. Back : Yumedono pavillon - Founded in 607 by Prince Shōtoku Taishi, this temple has the world's oldest wooden structure and stands with strength and determination as the national masterpiece of Asuka culture.
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