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PORTUGAL, 1 000 Escudos, 02/08/1983

Banknote details

Denomination 1 000 Escudos
Date 02/08/1983
Series H D
Serial number 12098
Grade aUNC
Catalog number 181a(2)
Comment signatures: Manuel Jacinto Nunes & Walter Waldemar Pego Marques. Observe : Joaquim Teófilo Fernandes Braga (24 February 1843 – 28 January 1924) was a Portuguese writer, playwright, politician and the leader of the Republican Provisional Government after the overthrow of King Manuel II, as well as the second elected President of the First Portuguese Republic, after the resignation of President Manuel de Arriaga. Reverse : The National Museum Machado de Castro (Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro) is an art museum in Coimbra,
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