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PORTUGAL, 20 Escudos, 26/05/1964

Banknote details

Denomination 20 Escudos
Date 26/05/1964
Series FBJ
Serial number 53536
Grade aUNC
Catalog number 167b(8)
Comment signatures: Manuel Jacinto Nunes & António José de Carvalho Brandão. Front: Portrait and bust of Saint Anthony (Santo Antonio) of Padua (1195 - 1231), also known as Anthony of Lisbon, was a Portuguese Catholic priest and friar of the Franciscan Order. He was born and raised by a wealthy family in Lisbon and died in Padua, Italy. Two fish under Portuguese coat of arms (Armillary sphere + the quinas + the castles). Leafy and flowery designs. Reverse: Church of Saint Anthony in Lisbon. Watermark: Identical portrait and bust of Saint Anthony.
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