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Japanese Military Note (WWII) - 日本军事笔记

Japanese Military WWII, 100 Yen, ND / 1945

Banknote details

Country Japanese Military WWII
Denomination 100 Yen
Date ND / 1945
Overprint "Chun Yung Shou Piao"
Grade VF+
Catalog number M28a
Comment Observe : Yumedono 夢殿 Pavillon de songes (Pavilion of dreams) built during Nara périod 8th - Prince Shōtoku (聖徳太子 Shōtoku Taishi, February 7, 574 – April 8, 622) was a semi-legendary regent and a politician of the Asuka period in Japan. Reverse : Hōryū-ji temple 法隆寺 is a Buddhist temple located in Ikaruga, city of Nara Prefecture in Japan. The oldest buildings date from the Asuka period and are considered the oldest wooden buildings in the world
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