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Venezuela, 20 Bolivares, 20/10/1987

Banknote details

Country Venezuela
Denomination 20 Bolivares
Date 20/10/1987
Serial number C 05338298
Grade aunc
Catalog number 71
Comment Occasion : Bicentennial Birth of General Rafael Urdaneta (1789-1989). Front : Rafael José Urdaneta y Farías (October 24, 1788 – August 23, 1845) was a Venezuelan General and hero of the Spanish American wars of independence. President of Gran Colombia from 1830 until 1831. He was an ardent supporter of Simón Bolívar and one of his most trusted and loyal allies. Urdaneta served as the Minister of Defence whilst Simón Bolívar was President of Gran Colombia. Back : The Battle of Lake Maracaibo also known as the "Naval Battle of the Lake" was fought on 24 July 1823 (Lake maracaibo) = Decisive victory of Colombia against the Spanish navy.
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