Philippe Simon's Collection
Kyrgyzstan / Kyrgyz Republic / Кыргызстан

Kyrgyz Rèpublic, 20 som, ND / 1994

Banknote details

Country Kyrgyz Rèpublic
Denomination 20 som
Date ND / 1994
Series AC
Serial number 0927777
Grade aUNC
Catalog number 10
Comment Observe : Togolok Moldo (in Kyrgyz: Тоголок Молдо), born on June 10, 1860 in the District of Ak-Talaa and died on January 4, 1942 in the province of Naryn, is a Kyrgyz-Akyns and Soviet poet, interpreter of the epic of Manas. Member of the Union of Soviet Writers. Reverse : Manas mausolum.
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