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Slovensko (Slovenská republika)

Slovaquie, 100 Slovenských Korún, 05/11/2004 (end 16/01/2009)

Banknote details

Country Slovaquie
Denomination 100 Slovenských Korún
Date 05/11/2004 (end 16/01/2009)
Serial number A02276158
Grade aUNC
Catalog number 44
Comment Observe : The front of the banknote shows the Madonna of the Altar of Birth in the Church Street Jacob in Levoca. This Gothic ornamental sculpture was the work of an outstanding medieval artist - sculpture and woodcut - Levoca's main activity. Reverse : The drawing of the back shows the city Levoca where the two dominant monuments of the city are: - the church of the street Jacob and the town hall. On impression, a gothic stone head in the sacristy of the old church of the order of the minority of Levoca.
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