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Slovensko (Slovenská republika)

Slovaquie, 50 Slovenských Korún, 01/08/1993 (end 16/01/2009)

Banknote details

Country Slovaquie
Denomination 50 Slovenských Korún
Date 01/08/1993 (end 16/01/2009)
Serial number C7894120
Grade aunc
Catalog number 21a
Comment Observe : In the foreground, portraits of the two Byzantine missionaries CYRILLE (827-869) and METHODE (825-885), founders of the "Cyrillic" alphabet, they evangelized the Czech and Slovak provinces at the dawn of the 9th century. 862 and 863 AD. Reverse : On the back of the banknote illustration of two hands, as well as the first seven letters of the old Slavic alphabet "Hlaholika" between them, as a symbol of the gift the two saints brought to the ancient Slavs. The symmetrically upside-down silhouette of the medieval Drazovce church (Nitra area) symbolizes the dawn of Christianity in our country.
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