Philippe Simon's Collection
Slowakisch prvá Slovenská republika / 1939-1945

Slovaquie, 1.000 Korún Slovenských, 25/11/1940 - (17.08.1942 - 31.10.1945)

Banknote details

Country Slovaquie
Denomination 1.000 Korún Slovenských
Date 25/11/1940 - (17.08.1942 - 31.10.1945)
Perforation "SPECIMEN"
Series 3 L 2
Serial number 208265
Grade XF+
Catalog number 13s
Comment Sign. Guverner: Imrich Karvaš (February 25, 1903 - February 22, 1981) - Riaditel : Martin Kollar (October 23, 1889 - May 3, 1956). Observe : The famous legend about the three sticks of Svätopluk appeared in the fairy tale works of the enlightened Byzantine Emperor, Constantine Porphyrogenitus, some time in the middle of the 10th century. There it is written that before his death, the mighty Svätopluk, King of the Great Moravian Empire, called his three sons. He gave a stick to each of them, ordering them to break it. The mighty young men fulfilled the wish of their father with ease. Then the king ordered the three sticks to be tied and again called upon his sons to break the bundle. This task proved to be much harder. In this manner, the king demonstrated to his successors the need for unity, because only that could ensure their invincibility and prosperity for the country. King Svatopluk (830-894, dying on his bed) and his three sons - Mojmír II (871-906), Svatopluk II (875-899) and Predslav (850-894). Reverse : Moravian ornamental rosette.
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