Philippe Simon's Collection
Slowakisch prvá Slovenská republika / 1939-1945

Slovaquie, 500 Korún Slovenských, 12/07/1941 - (26.10.1944 - 31.10.1945)

Banknote details

Country Slovaquie
Denomination 500 Korún Slovenských
Date 12/07/1941 - (26.10.1944 - 31.10.1945)
Perforation "SPECIMEN"
Series 4 L m
Serial number 067667
Grade XF+
Catalog number 12s
Comment Observe : Slovak man, a resident of the region Liptov (north of Slovakia), in national clothes. According to some Slovak sources, it is Juraj Jánošík (January 25, 1688 - March 17, 1713). At the same time defender of poor such Robin Hood and against the invader like Joan of Arc, he is the pride of Slovaks and Poles. Reverse : Across all field of banknote is foliate ornament, in the background are Slovak Tatra mountains.
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