Philippe Simon's Collection
Slowakisch prvá Slovenská republika / 1939-1945

Slovaquie, 50 Korún Slovenských, 15/10/1940 (18.12.1940 - 31.10.1945)

Banknote details

Country Slovaquie
Denomination 50 Korún Slovenských
Date 15/10/1940 (18.12.1940 - 31.10.1945)
Series I k
Serial number 196656
Grade aunc
Catalog number 9s
Comment Slovenská Národná Banka. Observe : Two women, one with ears in hand - Slovak State emblem in the center Reverse : Orava Castle (Oravský hrad), one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia (Built in the 13th century) - Many scenes of the 1922 film Nosferatu were filmed here.
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