Philippe Simon's Collection
Slowakisch prvá Slovenská republika / 1939-1945

Slovaquie, 10 Korun, 20/07/1943 - (26.10.1944 - 31.10.1945)

Banknote details

Country Slovaquie
Denomination 10 Korun
Date 20/07/1943 - (26.10.1944 - 31.10.1945)
Perforation "SPECIMEN"
Series Ňž
Serial number 114369
Grade aUNC
Catalog number Pick 6s
Comment Observe : Ľudovít Štúr [Ludevít Velislav Štúr] (1815-1856) - a key figure in Slovak history, is the largest representative of the national life of his country, leader of the national revival of the first half of the nineteenth century and codifier of the Slovak written language based on the dialects of central Slovakia (circa 1843), which is the standard Slovak language today. He is also one of the leading figures of the Slovak uprising in the years 1848-1849 and deputy of the Hungarian chamber of the city of Zvolen in the years 1848-1849. Reverse : Objects on table at right, symbolize fertility of Slovak earth.
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