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Venezuela, 20 (Veinte) Bolivares, 15/01/2018

Banknote details

Country Venezuela
Denomination 20 (Veinte) Bolivares
Date 15/01/2018
Serial number A42271210
Grade aUNC
Catalog number 104
Comment Banco Central de Venezuela / 2018 "Bolívar Soberano" Issue. Observe : Simón Rodríguez, also known as Samuel Robinson, is a Venezuelan philosopher and educator, born in Caracas on October 28, 1769 and died in the district of Amotape (Peru) on February 28, 1854. Reverse : Jaguar / The Waraira Repano National Park (spanish : Parque nacional Waraira Repano) creates on 1958/12/12.
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