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3. Reich (1933 / 1945)

GERMANY - 3 Reich, 28/08/1933

Banknote details

Country GERMANY - 3 Reich
Date 28/08/1933
Perforation "Entwertet" = Canceled = Annulé
Series A
Serial number 0930782
Grade aUNC
Catalog number 199
Comment Konversionskasse für deutsche Auslandsschulden 1933 - The introduction of the Rentenmark slowed inflation and made the economy pick up again. However, the German Reich had to pay a large part of its economic performance in the form of reparations for the war damage in the First World War to the victorious powers. This slowed down economic development and was one of the causes of the serious consequences of the economic crisis in Germany in 1929. These securities document Germany's increasing insolvency as a result of the global economic crisis.
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