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Lesotho - Muso oa Lesotho, 10 Maloti, ND / 2010

Banknote details

Country Lesotho - Muso oa Lesotho
Denomination 10 Maloti
Date ND / 2010
Serial number AA589820
Grade aUNC
Catalog number 21a
Comment FRONT : On 1 March 2011, at a celebration marking its 30th anniversary, the Central Bank of Lesotho launched a new series of banknotes dated 2010 aimed at fighting the spread of counterfeits. The notes feature a portrait of the three royal family members: the current king, His Majesty Letsie III is in the middle, his father King Moshoeshoe II is on the left, and the founder of the Basotho nation, King Moshoeshoe I, on the background right. BACK : wildflowers
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