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ROMANIA (Roumanie / Roumanien)

Romania - Banca Naţională a României, 100 000 Leï, ND / 2002

Banknote details

Country Romania - Banca Naţională a României
Denomination 100 000 Leï
Date ND / 2002
Serial number 025C4991349
Grade aun
Catalog number 114a
Comment serial # prefix 02 (2002) Front : Mallow flowers - The classical Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu was born 1838 at Pitaru and died in the year 1907 at Campina (Romania). He is considered the founder of the modern Romanian school, and was the fine painter of the peasants' life in Muntenia. Back: "Rodica, the Water Carrier" - A culă (plural: cule; from Turkish kule "tower, turret") is a semi-fortified building found in the Oltenia region of Romania with a number of examples located in the historical province of Muntenia.
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