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ROMANIA (Roumanie / Roumanien)

Romania - Banca Naţională a României, 1000 Lei, ND / 1998

Banknote details

Country Romania - Banca Naţională a României
Denomination 1000 Lei
Date ND / 1998
Serial number 005B1016860
Grade aUNC
Catalog number 106
Comment FRONT : Lily Flower - Mihai Eminescu (born Mihail Eminovici; 15 January 1850 – 15 June 1889) was a Romantic poet, novelist and journalist. Photograph taken by Jan Tomas in Prague, 1869. BACK : Ruins of Histria or Istros, was a Greek colony near the mouths of the Danube, on the western coast of the Black Sea. Histria is derived from the Latin word "Hister", meaning "Danube.
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