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GERMANY - Besetzte Gebiete - Térritoires Occupés

Kowno - Darlehnskasse Ost, 1000 Mark, 04/04/1948

Banknote details

Country Kowno - Darlehnskasse Ost
Denomination 1000 Mark
Date 04/04/1948
Serial number A.014124
Grade Vf
Catalog number R134b
Comment Ostmark is the name given to a currency denominated in Mark which was issued by Germany in 1918 for use in a part of the eastern areas under German occupation during WWI, the Ober Ost area. The currency consisted of paper money issued on 4 April 1918 by the Darlehnskasse Ost in Kowno (Kaunas) and was equal to the German Papiermark. The Ostmark circulated alongside the Russian ruble and the Ostruble, with two Ostmarks equal to one (Ost)ruble. The Ostmark and Ostruble continued to circulate in Lithuania from the end of World War I until 1 October 1922, when they were replaced by the litas. Front : Hermes (Mercurius) & Mars (Ares) Back : Allegorical woman (Allegory of Industry).
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