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Kazakhstan / Қазақстан / Respublika Kazakhstan

Kazakstan 1 Tiyn ND / 1993 0323701 grade: aUNC cat: 1a comment: Kazakstan Ülttyk Banki. Reverse : Arms added: 3 months ago
Kazakstan 1 Tengué ND / 1993 series: АД 7703741 grade: aUNC cat: 7a comment: Observe : Al-Fârâbî (872-950), was a renowned philosopher and jurist who wrote in the fields of political philosophy, metaphysics, ethics and logic. He was also a scientist, cosmologist, mathematician and music scholar. Reverse : mathematical and geometric symbols. added: 3 months ago
Kazakstan 3 Tengué ND / 1993 series: AH 0048266 grade: xf+ cat: 8 comment: Observe : Süyinbay Aronullu (1815-1898) is a famous poet - In his speeches, he addressed the people, the people's problems, the management and the injustice of wealthy managers and administrators. Reverse : Alatu mountains (Altaï) is a generic name for a number of mountain ranges in Central Asia. added: 3 months ago
Kazakstan 50 Tengué ND / 199 series: 4254266 grade: XF+ cat: 12 comment: Observe : Abulhair Khan, Abul Khair Khan (1693-1748) - leader of the Kazakh clan, he defended between 1723 and 1730 the Mongol incursions Dzungar - winner at the battles of the Bulanty (1726) and Anrakay (1729), he sought the help of the Tsar of Russia and took an oath of allegiance in 1731 and placed the country under his protection. Reverse : Native Artwork. added: 3 months ago
Kazakstan 100 Tengué ND / 1993 series: 1887443 grade: VF+ cat: 13a comment: Observe : Abylaï Khan (1711-1781), Charismatic warlord, literate, he studied Manchu and maintained clever relations while applying his famous policy "between the lion and the dragon" (Empire of China and Russian Empire). Reverse : The Mausoleum of Khawaja Ahmed Yasawi added: 3 months ago
Kazakstan 200 Tengué ND / 1999 series: ББ 999531 grade: XF+ cat: 20b comment: Observe : Al-Farabi Reverse: Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi (unfinished mausoleum) added: 2 months ago
Kazakstan 500 Tengué ND / 1999 series: АА 3710328 grade: XF+ cat: 21a comment: Observe : Al-Farabi Reverse : Hodja Ahmed Yassavi mausoleum. added: 2 months ago
Kazakstan 10 000 Tengué ND / 2016 AA0046946 grade: aunc cat: 47 comment: Kazakstan Ülttyk Banki - commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Independence 1(991-2016). Observe : "Kazakh Eli" - Independence Stele (built in Oct.2009)-located in Astana. Reverse : Baiterek Tower in Astana / President Nursultan Nazarbayev (born 6 july 1940), became President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1990. Accused of authoritarianism, he was widely elected five times between 1991 and 2015. He resigned in 2019, after spending nearly 29 years at the helm of the country. However, he retains influence as president of the ruling party and the National Security Council. added: 2 months ago