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Slovensko (Slovenská republika)

The country becomes independent again on 1 January 1993.

Slovaquie 20 Korún Slovenských 1988 - (08/02/1993 to 30/11/1993) stamp: Adhesive stamp on CZECHOSLOVAKIA #95 series: H 33 578999 grade: aUNC cat: 15 comment: Slovenská Republika Observe : Ján Amos Koménsky Reverse : aphoric "tree of education" added: 3 months ago
Slovaquie 100 Korún Slovenských 1961 - (08/02/1993 to 30/11/1993) stamp: Adhesive stamp on CZECHOSLOVAKIA #91 series: G 35 205433 grade: VF+ cat: 17c comment: Slovenská Republika Observe : Worker & Peasant women. Reverse : Hradčany & Charles Bridge across Vltava/Moldau River in Prague. added: 3 months ago
Slovaquie 20 Slovenských Korún 01/09/1993 (end 16/01/2009) B00138540 grade: aun cat: 20a comment: Národná Banka Slovenska Observe : In the foreground, the portrait of Prince PRIBINA (c.800 - 861), from 828, he is the first known Slovak political leader whose seat was in Nitra until 833, date of his political exile. Reverse : On the front, illustration of the castle of Nitra, witness of the rich historical past of the city. Center of a kingdom of first importance: "the principality of Nitra", until the 11th century, was the cradle of the kingdom of Great Moravia. The image of the medieval castle is printed on a 9th century coral necklace with a crescent-shaped bronze clasp, found by archaeologists, during excavations. added: 3 months ago
Slovaquie 50 Slovenských Korún 01/08/1993 (end 16/01/2009) C7894120 grade: aunc cat: 21a comment: Observe : In the foreground, portraits of the two Byzantine missionaries CYRILLE (827-869) and METHODE (825-885), founders of the "Cyrillic" alphabet, they evangelized the Czech and Slovak provinces at the dawn of the 9th century. 862 and 863 AD. Reverse : On the back of the banknote illustration of two hands, as well as the first seven letters of the old Slavic alphabet "Hlaholika" between them, as a symbol of the gift the two saints brought to the ancient Slavs. The symmetrically upside-down silhouette of the medieval Drazovce church (Nitra area) symbolizes the dawn of Christianity in our country. added: 3 months ago
Slovaquie 100 Slovenských Korún 05/11/2004 (end 16/01/2009) A02276158 grade: aUNC cat: 44 comment: Observe : The front of the banknote shows the Madonna of the Altar of Birth in the Church Street Jacob in Levoca. This Gothic ornamental sculpture was the work of an outstanding medieval artist - sculpture and woodcut - Levoca's main activity. Reverse : The drawing of the back shows the city Levoca where the two dominant monuments of the city are: - the church of the street Jacob and the town hall. On impression, a gothic stone head in the sacristy of the old church of the order of the minority of Levoca. added: 3 months ago