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SLOVENIE (Slovenija)

Slovene National Liberation

Slovénia 1 Lira 20/02/1944 AA - 186200 * grade: VF cat: P-S109 comment: These notes were issued by the Slovenian Committee for National Liberation. The partisan notes in denominations of 1 Liro (P-S109), 5 Lir (P-S110), 5 Lir (P-S114), 10 Lir (P-S115) and 100 Lir (P-S117) were issued in 1944 and circulated in Trieste and Fiume. added: 18 months ago
Slovénia 1 Lira ND / 1945 series: Wo wo grade: VF- cat: P-R1 comment: Yugoslav partisans, who had been fighting Nazi Germany reoccupied the lost territory and established the State Bank for Istria, Fiume and the Slovenian Coast in 1945. The State Bank for Istria, Fiume and Slovene Coastal Area introduced regional banknotes in denomination of 1 Lire (P-R1), 5 Lira (P-R2), 10 Lira (P-R3), 20 Lira (P-R4), 50 Lira (P-R6), 100 Lira (P-R6), 500 Lira (P-R7) and 1,000 Lira (P-R8). added: 18 months ago