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ECOSSE ( Scotland)


The Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd. was a Scottish commercial bank. It was founded in Edinburgh in 1810, and obtained a royal charter in 1831. It grew substantially through the 19th and early 20th centuries, until 1958, when it merged with the National Bank of Scotland to become the National Commercial Bank of Scotland. Ten years later the National Commercial Bank merged with the Royal Bank of Scotland.

SCOTLAND 1 £ (Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd) series: A/25 201572 grade: XF- cat: S331b comment: FRONT : Major John Pitcairn (28 December 1722 – 17 June 1775) was a Scottish Marine officer who was stationed in Boston, Massachusetts, at the start of the American War of Independence. Upper, detail of the façade of Commercial Bank of Scotland building. BACK : The Dome is a building on George Street in the New Town of Edinburgh, Scotland. It currently functions as a bar, restaurant and nightclub, although it was first built as the headquarters of the Commercial Bank of Scotland in 1847. The building was designed by David Rhind in a Graeco-Roman style. added: 22 months ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd) 02/01/1953 series: 26T 603783 grade: VF+ cat: S332 comment: FRONT : Henry Thomas Cockburn of Bonaly, Lord Cockburn (26 October 1779 - 26 April/18 July 1854) was a Scottish lawyer, judge and literary figure. He served as Solicitor General for Scotland between 1830 and 1834. BACK : Arms - "Ditat - Servata - Fides" ( Rich Fidelity). added: 22 months ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd) 02/01/1954 series: 27B 532007 grade: XF- comment: FRONT : Lord Cockburn, allegorical women, female head. BACK : Arms - Motto in Latin : "Ditat - Servata - Fides" (faith preserved enriches). added: 22 months ago