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ECOSSE ( Scotland)


The Union Bank of Scotland was established as the Glasgow Union Banking Company, in 1830. In the 1930s, the Union Bank explored the possibility of a merger with Bank of Scotland. These early discussions came to nothing, but in 1950, serious negotiations began. Agreement was reached two years later, and the banks merged in 1955.

SCOTLAND 1 £ (The Union Bank Of scotland Limited) 12/02/1937 series: K/25 613915 grade: VF+ cat: S815c comment: Signed Hird and Wilson added: 22 months ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (The Union Bank Of scotland Limited) 03/07/1950 series: C / 9 206786 grade: VF+ cat: S816a comment: Signed Morrison FRONT : Arms and sailing merchant ship. Motto "A Shield and stay" - Ein Schild und Aufenthalt / Un Bouclier et rester.. BACK : Commercial port and arsenal. added: 22 months ago