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ECOSSE ( Scotland)


The British Linen Company (later the British Linen Bank, 11th June 1906) was established in Edinburgh by royal charter in 1746. On 9th May 1969, Bank of Scotland struck a deal with Barclays to take over the British Linen Bank. The merger was concluded on 1st March 1971.

SCOTLAND 1 £ (British Linen Bank) 12/05/1959 series: K/3 869004 grade: VF+ cat: 157d comment: FRONT : Arms, seal BACK : Seal 'DITAT" - they want to say wealth or Rich. added: 21 months ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (British Linen Bank) 29/02/1968 series: W/4 913290 grade: VF+ cat: 169a comment: Front : Sir Walter Scott Back : Seal "DITAT" added: 21 months ago