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ECOSSE ( Scotland)


The Bank of Scotland plc is a commercial and clearing bank based in Edinburgh, Scotland. With a history dating to the 17th century, it is the fifth-oldest surviving bank in the United Kingdom (the Bank of England having been established one year before), and is the only commercial institution created by the Parliament of Scotland to remain in existence. It was one of the first banks in Europe to print its own banknotes and it continues to print its own sterling banknotes under legal arrangements which allow Scottish banks to issue currency.

SCOTLAND 1 £ (Bank of Scotand) 01/09/1955 H0510620 grade: VF+ cat: 100b comment: signatures: Craig & Watson - issue between: 01.05.1955 - 14.09.1956. Front & Back : Medallion and Sailing Ship. added: 22 months ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Bank of Scotand) 17/07/1968 series: A / 4 0398306 grade: xf cat: 109a comment: FRONT : Arms "Latin Motto" - -Tanto Uberior (More expansive - Expansiver - plus de croissance). BACK : Arms and ship. added: 22 months ago
SCOTLAND 1 £ (Bank of Scotand) 18/11/1986 series: D/90 0989631 grade: VF+ cat: 111f comment: Front : Portrait of Sir Walter Scott (author, 1771 - 1832). Back: Sailing ship, arms, seal added: 22 months ago
SCOTLAND 5 £ (Bank of Scotland) 25/03/2016 series: AD 279748 grade: UNC cat: New Pick comment: Front : Sir Walter Scott; Bank of Scotland building, Edinburgh - Back : Brig o' Doon, sometimes called the Auld Brig or Old Bridge of Doon is a late medieval bridge in Ayrshire, Dumfries - Built in the early fifteenth century (by James Kennedy, who died in 1465). added: 22 months ago