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NORTHERN IRELAND - Irlande du Nord

Allied Irish Banks

Northern Ireland 1 £ 01/01/1982 PN2402192 grade: VF+ cat: 1a comment: Allied Irish Banks - After taking over from the Provincial Bank of Ireland in 1981 - it issued banknotes from 1982 to 1993, before being replaced by the First Trust Bank the same year. FRONT : Young girl at left and coat of arms of the six counties: Tyrone - Antrim - Down - Londonderry - Armagh - Fermanagh. BACK : "Girona" one of the warships in the Spanish armada, which was defeated by English fleer in 1558 - Many Spanish ships were wrecked by heavy winds ans sunk off the coast of Ireland. One of these was the "Girona" which broke on Lacada point near the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. The wreck was located in 1967 added: 23 months ago