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With the end of the Empire in 1918, only three private central banks coexisted with the Reserve Bank of Bavaria in Germany: Bank Badische in Mannheim, the Saxon central bank in Dresden and the central bank Württembergische in Stuttgart.

Die Badische Bank - Mannheim Hundert Mark 01/01/1907 852375 grade: VG+ cat: S906a comment: The Badische Bank was from 1870 to 1935 Central Bank of Baden. The seat of the private bank was Mannheim and from 1932 Karlsruhe. It was liquidated in 1934 by the Reichsgesetz and thereafter existed only as a commercial bank-typical bank. added: 25 months ago
Bayerische Notenbank Hundert Mark 01/01/1900 series: 10806 21611030 grade: VF- cat: S922 comment: The Bavarian Central Bank was a central bank in the Kingdom of Bavaria and Free State of Bavaria. It existed from 1875 to 1934. The seat was Munich. added: 25 months ago
Bayerische Notenbank München Hundert Mark 01/01/1922 C576391 grade: xf cat: S923 added: 25 months ago
Sächsische Bank zu Dresden Ein Hundert Mark 02/01/1911 series: SER . VII 319621 grade: VF+ cat: S952b comment: The Saxon Bank of Dresden (later Saxon Bank) was a 1865-1947 existing credit institution in Dresden. added: 25 months ago
Württembergische Notenbank Stuttgart Hundert Mark 01/01/1911 071297 grade: VG+ comment: signatures: Körper & Steinhäuser. The Baden-Württembergische Bank (BW-Bank) is a Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) belonging German credit institution based in Stuttgart. added: 25 months ago
Darlehen - Schein Kaiserslautern 1 Gulden 31/07/1870 1181 grade: VF cat: A 556 comment: War of 1870 (Beetween France and German states)_ state banknotes Palatinate (Kaiserslautern) - The military situation improving, they will be withdrawn definitively from the circulation on August 20th, 1874. added: 5 months ago