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With the end of the Empire in 1918, only three private central banks coexisted with the Reserve Bank of Bavaria in Germany: Bank Badische in Mannheim, the Saxon central bank in Dresden and the central bank Württembergische in Stuttgart.

Die Badische Bank - Mannheim Hundert Mark 01/01/1907 852375 grade: VG+ cat: S906a added: 21 months ago
Bayerische Notenbank Hundert Mark 01/01/1900 series: 10806 21611030 grade: VF- cat: S922 added: 21 months ago
Bayerische Notenbank München Hundert Mark 01/01/1922 C576391 grade: xf cat: S923 added: 21 months ago
Sächsische Bank zu Dresden Ein Hundert Mark 02/01/1911 series: SER . VII 319621 grade: VF+ cat: S952b added: 21 months ago
Württembergische Notenbank Stuttgart Hundert Mark 01/01/1911 071297 grade: VG+ comment: signatures: Körper & Steinhäuser added: 21 months ago
Darlehen - Schein Kaiserslautern 1 Gulden 31/07/1870 1181 grade: VF cat: A 556 comment: War of 1870 (Beetween France and German states)_ state banknotes Palatinate (Kaiserslautern) - The military situation improving, they will be withdrawn definitively from the circulation on August 20th, 1874. added: 7 weeks ago