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Sultanate of Oman / سلطنة عُمان‎ Salṭanat ʻUmān

OMAN ¼ Rial Saidi ND / 1970 grade: aUNC cat: 2a comment: FRONT / arms BACK / Fort al-Jalali, or Ash Sharqiya Fort was built by the Portuguese in the 1580s to protect the harbor after Muscat had twice been sacked by Ottoman forces. It fell to Omani forces in 1650. added: 42 months ago
OMAN 1 Rial ND / 1977 grade: XF+ cat: 17a comment: FRONT / arms BACK / Sohar fort (Arabic: صُحار‎,), Sohar has also been credited as the mythical birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor. Its construction dates back to the late eighteenth century and early fourteenth century added: 42 months ago
OMAN ½ Rial ND / 1987 grade: aUNC cat: 25 comment: FRONT / Sultan Qaboos bin Sa'id, born 18 November 1940 - is the Sultan of Oman (1970). BACK / Sultan Qaboos University (1986). added: 42 months ago
OMAN 100 Baisa ND / 1995 grade: aUNC cat: 31 comment: FRONT / Sultan Qaboos bin Sa'id, irrigation canal. BACK / Verreaux eagle, white oryx. added: 42 months ago