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BANK OF FRANCE - Nouveaux Francs

FRANCE 500 FRANCS "Pierre & Marie CURIE" Type 1993 ND / 1994 C012557250 grade: aUNC cat: FAYETTE 76/1 / Pick 160a comment: signatures: Bruneel / Bonnardin / Vigier Front : Marie Curie (1867 - 1934) , on background Pierre Curie (1859-1906) - Pierre Curie - her husband - and Marie Curie receive half of the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics (the other half is given to Henri Becquerel) for their research on radiation - In 1911 she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her work on polonium and radium. Back: Laboratory utensils added: 35 months ago
FRANCE 500 FRANCS "Pierre & Marie CURIE" Type 1993 ND / 1994 perf: Four cylindrical perforation of banknote - synonym for cancellation C026318112 grade: XF cat: FAYETTE 76/2 - Pick 160a comment: This note was withdrawn from circulation on February 18, 2002 and suspended from legal tender on February 17, 2012. added: 35 months ago
FRANCE 200 Francs "EIFFEL" type 1995 ND / 1996 series: R 017243936 grade: XF+ cat: FAYETTE 75/2 - Pick 159a comment: FRONT: Portrait of Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923). In the background, an interlacing of metal structures referring to the viaduct of Garabit which is also reproduced in colorless highlight at the bottom of the cartridge reserved for the filigree. A part of the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower is printed in the center and on the left outer edge, is reproduced in fluorescent green a stylized view of the base of the tower. Above, a small sectional view of the dome of the Nice Observatory. BACK : on the left, the dominant theme is a view of the northern arch of the Eiffel Tower dating from 1889, the day of its inauguration, with in the background one of the pavilions of the universal exhibition located at the bottom of the "Field -Of March" in Paris. In the center is the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower to ensure the "transvision" effect. This note is withdrawn from circulation on 18 February 2002 and suspended from legal tender on 17 February 2012. added: 34 months ago
FRANCE 100 FRANCS "CEZANNE" Type 1997 ND / 1998 series: D 040479225 grade: XF+ cat: FAYETTE 74 - Pick 158 comment: This banknote is withdrawn from circulation on February 18, 2002 and suspended from legal tender on February 17, 2012, after which date it can no longer be exchanged for euros. FRONT : Portrait of Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) - In the background, a detail of the painting "La mer à l'Estaque", painted in 1878-1879. BACK : The major theme is an interpretation of the painting "Apples and Biscuits", painted circa 1880 added: 34 months ago
FRANCE 50 Francs - "Saint-EX" Type 1992 (modifié) ND / 1997 series: P 031444447 grade: aUNC cat: FAYETTE 73/3 - Pick 157Ad comment: Note issued on October 20, 1993. Its issue ceased on December 31, 2001 when euro banknotes came into circulation. FRONT - Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, comte de Saint-Exupéry[ (1900-1944) French Writer - He disappeared over the Mediterranean on a reconnaissance mission in July 1944, and is believed to have died at that time. BACK - Le Petit Prince, map, "Latécoère 28" airplane. added: 34 months ago
FRANCE 500 Francs "Pascal" - Type 1968 03/01/1991 series: G.331 56018 grade: VF+ cat: FAYETTE 71/46 - Pick 156h comment: It was printed from 1968 to 1994 and remained in circulation until 1997 - it was exchangeable with the "Banque de France" until 28 February 2007 against 76.22 euros. On the front: Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) - Mathematician, physicist, inventor, philosopher, moralist and French theologian - on the left the bell tower of the church of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Boucherie (tower Saint-Jacques) in Paris and on the right, the cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand. The portrait of Pascal is inspired by that executed in the sanguine by Jean Domat in 1644-1645. On the back: in the center, the same portrait of Pascal, then in the background, the dovecote and the chapel of the Abbey of Port-Royal. added: 34 months ago
FRANCE 200 Francs "Montesquieu" - Type 1981 ND / 1983 series: E.018 783024 grade: XF cat: FAYETTE 70/3 - PIck 155a comment: Issued in 07/07/1982 - It is withdrawn from circulation on 1 April 1998 and suspended from legal tender on 31 March 2008, after which it can no longer be exchanged for euros. FRONT : Next to the coat of arms of his familly name portriat of Charles de Secondat (Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu) was a French lawyer, man of letters, and political philosopher (1869-1755) - on left: Allegorical figure hold a blazon mentioning L'Esprit des lois, reference to the major work of the philosopher of the Enlightenment BACK : The statue in feet of Sylla referring to the "Dialogue between Sylla and Eucrates" which is an extract from the Persian Letters. Below, to the right, the castle of La Brède where Montesquieu was born. added: 34 months ago
FRANCE 100 Francs "DELACROIX" - Type 1978 ND / 1995 series: J.277 770820 grade: aUNC cat: FAYETTE 69TER/2 - Pick 154h comment: Withdrawn from circulation on 1 February 1999 and definitively deprived of the legal tender price on 31 January 2009. FRONT : Self-portrait of Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863) holding in the foreground his palette and his brushes before a detail of the painting "Liberty Leading the People" (1830). BACK : The same self-portrait Delacroix but the painter (french romantic school), a goose feather in hand, is writing his famous newspaper. In the background, the trees of the Place Furstenberg on which the painter's studio opened. added: 34 months ago
FRANCE 50 Francs "Quentin La Tour" - Type 1976 ND / 1982 series: K.29 771158 grade: XF+ cat: FAYETTE 67/8 - Pick 152b comment: It was printed from 1976 to 1992. It was definitively deprived of legal tender status on 30 November 2005 and since then it has ceased to be exchangeable for euros. FRONT : Portrait of Maurice Quentin de La Tour (5 September 1704 – 17 February 1788) with the main façade of the Château de Versailles. BACK : The same portrait of the painter with the background of the hotel-de-ville of Saint-Quentin, his hometown. added: 34 months ago
FRANCE 20 Francs "DEBUSSY" - Type 1980 "modifié" ND / 1997 series: C.054 393213 grade: aUNC cat: FAYETTE 66TER/2 - Pick 151i comment: signatures: Bruneel / Bonnardin / Barroux - with security thread. On the front: the bust of Debussy from a painting by Marcel Baschet (1884), then a stormy sea in the background in reference to La Mer, an orchestral work by Debussy. On the back: the same portrait of Debussy while the background drawing depicts the setting of the scene entitled "La Fontaine dans un parc" signed Lucien Jusseaume and Eugène Ronsin used during the performance of Pelléas et Mélisande in April 1902 at The comic opera. added: 34 months ago
FRANCE 20 Francs "DEBUSSY" - Type 1980 "à fil de sécurité"" ND / 1993 series: B.038 421479 grade: aUNC cat: FAYETTE 66BIS/5 - Pick 151g comment: signatures: Bruneel / Bonnardin / Vigier FRONT : Claude Debussy ( 22 August 1862 – 25 March 1918), Opera "La Mer" (The Sea). BACK : Claude Debussy, lake scene. For more details see the 20 Francs "DEBUSSY" - Type 1980 "modifié" added: 34 months ago
FRANCE 20 FRANCS "DEBUSSY" - Type 1980 ND / 1980 series: V.001 563205 grade: XF cat: FAYETTE 66/01 - Pick 151a comment: Issued 1980 to 1989 without Security thread. FRONT / Claude Debussy, Opera "La Mer" (The Sea). BACK / Claude Debussy and "Lake scene". added: 33 months ago
FRANCE 10 Francs "BERLIOZ" - Type 1972 05/01/1976 series: Z.283 056640 grade: aUNC cat: FAYETTE 63/17 - Pick 150c comment: signatures: Strohl / Bouchet / Tronche Printed between November 5, 1974 and December 31, 1980. This note was denied legal tender on September 15, 1986. FRONT : Portrait of Hector Berlioz (11 December 1803 – 8 March 1869) after the work of Émile Signol painted in 1832, conducting an orchestra in the "chapel of the Invalides", in Paris, on the occasion of the first performance of his Requiem. BACK : Same portrait of Berlioz, represented in front of the buildings of the Villa Medici in Rome. In the background is the Castle of St. Angelo and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. added: 34 months ago