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BANK OF FRANCE - Anciens Francs

French Military Issue

FRANCE 50 CENTIMES 1917 / 1919 series: I 0,435,099 grade: XF+ comment: Reserved for French soldiers use during the WWI This broadcast took place in 1917. these good money 0.50, 1 and 2 francs circulating in France in combat zones. they used to prevent parts of divisional money of the same value fall into the hands of the enemy. The first show is the back the words "reimbursement this ticket, whose value is filed against the Bank of France, must be requested before the expiration of the second year following the cessation of hostilities. " On the second issue the text defers repayment the fourth year. These tickets are printed by the Imprimerie Nationale added: 69 months ago
FRANCE 1 Franc 1917 / 1919 series: M 0,291-4,462 grade: VF+ comment: French miltary currency during WWI. reserved for soldiers use added: 69 months ago
FRANCE 2 FRANCS 1917 series: A 0,432,405 comment: Only for French soldier during the WWI. added: 69 months ago