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THAÏLANDE / ประเทศไทย / ราชอาณาจักรไทย

In 1939, the name of the kingdom, 'Siam', was changed to 'Thailand'.

SIAM 1 Bath (Tical) 01/11/1932 H 96390 grade: VG+ cat: 16b comment: June 24, 1932, a palace revolution, which lasted three hours, ended the absolute monarchy. The "revolution of 1932", as it is called, was conducted by a group of a hundred people, the "people's party", composed equally of officers commissioned by Luang Plaek Phibunsongkhram and civilians. added: 65 months ago
SIAM 1 Bath (Tical) 25/05/1934 series: A 24 47661 grade: VG+ cat: 22 comment: Rama VII (1893-1941) - Prajadhipok, also called Pok Klao, younger son of Rama V, ascended the throne on the death of his brother in 1925. His reign was one of the shortest and probably the most controversial in the history of the dynasty. It also marks major political and social change and economic modernization of Thailand. In 1932, a coup abolished the absolute monarchy in favor of a constitutional monarchy on the British model. In 1934, the king forbade polygamy. On 2 March 1935, he abdicated without a successor and took refuge in England, where he died May 30, 1941. added: 65 months ago
Thaïlande 1 Bath ND / 1946/1948 series: A 67177383A grade: VF- cat: 63 comment: Rama VIII (1925-1946) - Ananda Mahidol, brother of the current King of Thailand and nephew of Rama VII, was called by the government to succeed his uncle resigned. He was crowned March 2, 1935, to 10 years. But his reign really began in 1945, when he returned to Switzerland, where he studied with his brother Bhumibol and his older sister. This reign was short-lived: he died, murdered, June 9, 1946 in circumstances not yet clarified. added: 65 months ago
Thaïlande 1 Bath ND / 1955 series: T 537 993755 grade: XF- comment: Rama IX (né en 1927) - Bhumibol Adulyadej is the current King of Thailand, the 9th of the Chakri dynasty. He ascended the throne June 9, 1946 and was crowned in 1950 under the name of Rama IX. added: 65 months ago
Thaïlande 100 Bath ND / 1968 series: B 18 975026 grade: XF- cat: 74d added: 65 months ago
t 10 Bath ND / 1969/1978 9 D grade: 0148026 cat: 83 added: 65 months ago
Thaïlande 20 Bath ND / 2002 series: 5 F 3624801 grade: UNC cat: 109 added: 65 months ago
Thaïlande 100 Bath / 100 Ticals ND / 2002 series: O A 7571604 grade: UNC cat: 110 comment: Commemorative issue - Front : Kings Rama V (1853-1910) and RAMA IX at right. Back : Facsimile print of note pick #12a (100 Ticals / ND-1902/1925). added: 65 months ago
Thaïlande 50 Bath ND / 2004 series: 1 F 1996093 grade: UNC cat: 112 comment: Front : Portrait of king Rama IX in Field Marshal's uniform - Back : Rama VI (1881-1925), During the WWI , In 1918, he sent 1,300 men to fight in France, demonstrating its support for Allies. added: 65 months ago
Thaïlande 100 ND / 2005 series: 2 F 8047670 grade: UNC cat: 114 comment: Front : Rama IX in Field Marshall's uniform - Back : Rama V, who reigned from 1868 to 1910, is the fifth king of the Chakri dynasty, founded in 1782, and since then reign over Thailand, formerly Siam. It is known as Chulalongkorn added: 65 months ago
Thaïlande 1 000 Bath Nd / 2005 series: 5 E 4005897 grade: UNC cat: 115 added: 65 months ago
Thaïlande 20 Bath 01/04/2015 grade: UNC cat: New Pick comment: Observe : Portrait of King Rama IX in the royal house of Chakri gown. Reverse: Royal statue of king Ramkhamhaeng (? 1237/1247 – 1298) the great seated on the Manangkhasila Asana throne, the invention of the Thaï script, the Ramkhamhaeng stele, ancient Thaï script Lai Sue Thaï, the grievance hearing, the bell of king Ramkhamhaeng and Sangkhalok Wares. added: 48 months ago
Thaïlande 100 Bath 26/02/2015 grade: UNC cat: New Pick comment: Observe : Portrait of King Rama IX in the royal house of Chakri gown. Reverse : Images of king Taksin the Great (April 17, 1734 – April 7, 1782), Bcakground - the king is persuading his contingent to fight during the time of war. Thonburi palace, the royal statue of Kg Taksin riding a horse and Wichaï Prasi Fort in Bangkok. added: 48 months ago