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SOUDAN du SUD (South Sudan)

SOUTH SUDAN 1 South Sudanese Pound 18/07/2011 AE4996922 grade: aUNC cat: 1 comment: Observe: ohn Garang de Mabior (June 23, 1945 – July 30, 2005) was a Sudanese politician and leader. From 1983 to 2005, he led the Sudan People's Liberation Army during the Second Sudanese Civil War, and following a peace agreement he briefly served as First Vice President of Sudan from July 9, 2005 until his death in a helicopter crash on July 30, 2005. A developmental economist by profession, Dr. Garang is widely considered the single most influential person in the history of South Sudan, having led the rebellion that led to the independence of his country added: 50 months ago
SOUTH SUDAN 5 South Sudanese pound 18/07/2011 AA7051231 grade: aUNC cat: 2 added: 50 months ago