Philippe Simon's Collection

DEUTSCH-ÖSTAFRIKA (German East Africa)

Deutsch-Östafrikanische Bank 1 Rupie 01/11/1915 series: U 7902 grade: VF cat: 9Ab(7) comment: Interims-Banknotes Observe : Arms upper corner left Reverse: First Text in german / The value of this banknote is fully covered by the imperial governorate of east-africa. Second text in german / Anyone who imitates or distorts banknotes, or imitates or falsifies himself and is brought into circulation will be punished with breeders under 2 years. added: 27 months ago
Deutsch-Östafrikanische Bank 1 Rupie 01/02/1916 series: L3 66608 grade: vf cat: 20a(5) comment: Interims-Banknote added: 27 months ago