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BAHREÏN - مملكة البحرين

BAHREÏN 1 Dinar ND / 1964 ه٣٤٣٩٦ grade: VF+ cat: 4a comment: Bahrain Currency Board. Observe : Dhows, arms Reverse : Khamis Mosque, believed to be the first mosque in Bahrain (southern suburb of Manama) and one of the oldest in the region ( suggest that it was built in 717 / inscription on the qibla wall attest that the current building was built in 1058). added: 2 months ago
BAHREÏN 1 Dinar ND/1973 ٢٧٣٢١٤ grade: UNC cat: 8 comment: Observe : Minaret of Manama mosque, outline of Bahrain, dhow, arms Reverse : Bahrain Monetary Agency building added: 66 months ago
BAHREÏN 1 Dinar ND / 2006 464783 grade: aUNC cat: 26a comment: Central Bank of Bahrain. Observe : Al-Hedaya Al-Khalifiya School (Established in 1919 north of the city of Muharraq city). Reverse : Sail and Pearl Monument in Manama. added: 2 months ago