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Paraguay 1 Peso "Fuerte" 28/01/1916 837029 grade: VF+ cat: 138a(3) comment: The peso was the currency of Paraguay between 1856 and 1944. Until 1870, the peso was subdivided into 8 reales. Paraguay then decimalized, with 100 centésimos = 1 peso. The name of the subdivision was changed to centavo in 1874. The peso was replaced in 1944 by the guaraní at a rate of one hundred to one. signatures: Machain & Gerónimo Zubizarreta. FRONT : Women BACK: Arms added: 5 months ago
Paraguay 100 Pesos 26/12/1907 0023125 grade: xf cat: 159 comment: signatures: M. Viveros & E. Prous Front : “Palacio de los Lopez” - built begin in 1857 by english architect Alonso Taylor. Government Palace (Palacio de Gobierno). Back : Arms. added: 68 months ago
Paraguay 1 Guarani on 100 Pesos Fuerte 05/10/1943 overprint: UN Guarani (Red Ink) B2716775 grade: VF cat: 173a comment: Signatures : Harmodio González & Carlos Pedretti. Front : Banco de la República building, Asunción. Back : Arms with lion. added: 34 months ago