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JAMAÏQUE 1 $ 01/01/1985 series: EX 347636 grade: u cat: 68x comment: FRONT : The Right Excellent Sir William Alexander Clarke Bustamante GBE (24 February 1884 – 6 August 1977) was a Jamaican politician and labour leader who became the first prime minister of Jamaica. Bustamante is honoured in Jamaica with the title National Hero of Jamaica in recognition of his achievements. added: 65 months ago
JAMAÏQUE 10 $ 01/03/1994 series: FN 481477 grade: UNC cat: 71e comment: FRONT : George William Gordon (1820—23 October 1865) was a Jamaican businessman and politician who was a leading critic of the policies of the governor of Jamaica Edward Eyre. On Eyre's orders, he was executed after the Morant Bay rebellion. Gordon's execution created huge controversy in Britain, and several attempts were made to charge Eyre with murder. On the centenary of his death, he was proclaimed a National Hero of Jamaica. added: 65 months ago
JAMAÏQUE 100 $ 15/01/2006 series: AER 776462 grade: UNC cat: 76 comment: FRONT : Sir Donald Burns Sangster (26 October 1911 – 11 April 1967) was a Jamaican solicitor, politician and the second Prime Minister of Jamaica. added: 65 months ago