Philippe Simon's Collection


Ecuador 5 Sucres 24/04/1983 series: HY 12326194 grade: aUNC cat: 114b comment: Front : Antonio José de Sucre y Alcalá (1795–1830), known as the "Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho" (English: "Grand Marshal of Ayacucho"), was a Venezuelan independence leader. Sucre was one of Simón Bolívar's closest friends, generals and statesmen. added: 67 months ago
Ecuador 10 Sucres 22/11/1988 series: LS 09531733 grade: UNC cat: 121 comment: FRONT : Sebastián de Belalcázar (1479 or 1480, Córdoba – Cartagena, 1551) was a Spanish conquistador. Is known as the founder of important early colonial cities in the northwestern part of South America; Quito in 1534 and Cali, Pasto and Popayán in 1537. BACK : Arms added: 25 months ago
Ecuador 20 Sucres 29/04/1986 series: LO 11150451 grade: UNC cat: 121Aa - (LO2) comment: FRONT : The Church of the Society of Jesus (Spanish: La Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús), is a Jesuit church in Quito (began in 1605). BACK : Arms added: 25 months ago
Ecuador 100 Sucres 21/02/1994 series: WH 17832079 grade: VF+ cat: 123Ac comment: FRONT : Simon Bolivar BACK : Arms added: 25 months ago
Ecuador 1000 Sucres 02/06/1988 series: IZ 19046416 grade: UNC cat: 125b comment: FRONT : Rumiñahuii (born late 15th century, died June 25, 1535) was a general during the civil war, who after the death of Emperor Atahualpa, led the resistance against the Spanish in the northern part of the Inca Empire (modern-day Ecuador) in 1533. BACK : Arms added: 25 months ago
Ecuador 5000 Sucres 31/10/1996 series: AM 21787167 grade: un cat: 128b comment: FRONT : Juan María Montalvo Fiallos (April 13, 1832 in Ambato – January 17, 1889 in Paris) was an Ecuadorian author and essayist. BACK : Reverse: National Coat of Arms of Ecuador; Fauna of Galapagos islands: Flightless Cormorant (Phalacrocorax harrisi) ; Galápagos Penguin (Spheniscus mendiculus); Galápagos giant tortoise (Geochelone elephantopus). added: 25 months ago
Ecuador 10 000 Sucres 12/07/1999 series: AP 04314602 grade: UNC cat: 127e comment: FRONT : Second President of Ecuador (From September 10, 1834 to January 31, 1839) Vicente Rocafuerte (1783 - 1847). BACK : Coat of arms. Independence Monument (1906 by artist Juan Bautista Minghetti and architect Francisco Durini Cáceres) in Independence Square in front of Carondelet National Palace in Quito. added: 25 months ago
Ecuador 20 000 Sucres 26/03/1999 series: AI 15405518 grade: VF+ cat: 129f comment: FRONT : Dr. Gabriel García Moreno (1821 - 1875) - was Ecuadorian politician who twice served as President of Ecuador (1861–65 and 1869–75). BACK : Coat of arms depicting Andean condor, Sun, Guayas ship and Guayas River originating from the base of the Chimborazo volcano and two national flags of Ecuador. On top a golden Sun surrounded by the astrological signs for Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer representing the months March to July to symbolize the duration of the March Revolution of 1845 - Date of withdrawal: 30 March 2001. added: 25 months ago
Ecuador 50 000 Sucres 12/07/1999 series: AJ 04719503 grade: UNC cat: 130 comment: FRONT :José Eloy Alfaro Delgado (June 25, 1842 – January 28, 1912) served as President of Ecuador from 1895 to 1901 and from 1906 to 1911. BACK : Coat of arms "Similar to the 20,000 sucres". added: 25 months ago
Ecuador 1 Sucre 02/01/1920 series: Wo Wo grade: aUNC cat: S 251r comment: "EL BANCO SUR AMERICANO" - In 1936, the Anglo-South American went into liquidation. FRONT : Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) in the Andes mountains. BACK : Fleet of sailing ships of Christopher Columbus. added: 25 months ago