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BAHAMAS Governement 4 Schillings grade: VG cat: 9b comment: Colonial Secretary Commissioner of Currency (at left) : W. L. Heape (1919 - 1958). Front : George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George; 14 December 1895 – 6 February 1952) was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth from 11 December 1936 until his death. He was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth. Back : Arms added: 35 months ago
BAHAMAS Governement 4 Schillings Nd / 1953 (1936) series: A / 3 732309 grade: VG+ cat: 13a comment: signature at center: H. R. Latreille signature at right: Basil Burnside (1899-1975) FRONT : QE II - Boat on left - In 1728 the proud motto expulsis piratis restituta commercia (The Pirates Dislodged the Trade Restored ) was adopted for the archipelago. BACK : Arms added: 24 months ago
BAHAMAS 1 $ ND / 1974 series: A / I 021852 grade: XF+ cat: 35a comment: FRONT: HM Queen Elizabeth II; Palm tree fronds. BACK: Yellow Elder (Tecoma Stans, Yellow Trumpetbush, Ginger Thomas, Esperanza, Yellow Bells) - national flower of the Bahamas; Sea garden - corals, fish; Coat of arms. Watermark: Shellfish. Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited. added: 58 months ago
BAHAMAS 50 Cents ND/1980 A251234 grade: UNC cat: 35 added: 71 months ago
BAHAMAS 1 $ ND / 1992 E275609 grade: aUNC cat: 50 comment: Commemorative issue for the quincentennial of First Landfall of Columbus (1492-1992) at San Salvador Island. Observe : Christopher Columbus Reverse: Flamingos (phoenicopterus ruber), leguan (cyclura rileyi), parrots (amazona leucocephalo bahamensis), fleet of Columbus (la Pinta, la Niña, et la Santa Maria), map of the Bahamas and coat of arms. added: 37 months ago
BAHAMAS 1 $ ND / 2008 F412715 grade: aUNC cat: 71 comment: Observe : Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling (22 March 1930 – 26 August 2000), is regarded as the "Father of the Nation" of the Bahamas. Reverse: Royal Bahamas Police Force Band . added: 37 months ago
BAHAMAS 1 $ ND / 2017 A0040937 grade: aunc cat: 77 comment: Observe : Outline of the Bahamas, flower & portrait of The Right Excellent Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling (22 March 1930 – 26 August 2000), is regarded as the "Father of the Nation" of the Bahamas, Reverse : Police Band, arms added: 4 weeks ago