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Estados Unidos Mexicanos 1 PESO 12/01/1914 series: G.G CCH 064990 grade: VF+ cat: S388a added: 65 months ago
Estados Unidos Mexicanos 10 Pesos 01/06/1915 overprint: GDY - R 464497 grade: aUNC cat: S535 comment: At Front Right / Abraham González Casavantes (June 7, 1864 – March 7, 1913) was the provisional and constitutional governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua during the early period of the Mexican Revolution. He was the political mentor to the revolutionary Pancho Villa, whom he had met and befriended before the revolution. At Front Left / Francisco Ignacio Madero González (30 October 1873‒22 February 1913) was a Mexican statesman, writer, and revolutionary who served as the 33rd president of Mexico from 1911 until his assassination in 1913. added: 65 months ago
El Estado Libre y Soberano de Sinaloa 1 Pes 22/02/1915 161072 grade: VF+ cat: S 1043c comment: Front : Benito Juárez Benito Pablo Juárez García (21 March 1806/18 July 1872). He was President of Mexico. He resisted the French occupation of Mexico, overthrew the Second Mexican Empire, re-established the Republic, and employed liberal measures to modernize the country. Francisco Ignacio Madero (30 October 1873–22 February 1913) - Mexican statesman, President from 1911 to 1913 _ he died assassinated during the military putsh by general Victoriano Huerta. Back : City view, allegorical women ("Liberty" and "Justicia"), arms added: 26 months ago