Philippe Simon's Collection

NEW CALEDONIA / Nouvelle Calédonie

NEW CALEDONIA / Nouméa 5 FRANCS ND/1926 series: D.68 552 grade: VF+ cat: 36b added: 72 months ago
NEW CALEDONIA / Nouméa 20 Francs ND / 1958/1963 series: X.151 - 387 003771387 grade: VF+ cat: 50c comment: FRONT: Portrait of a young male, symbolising youth of France; Shepherd playing a flute with a flock of sheep. BACK: Fruits; Portrait of a woman symbolizing French Colonies. added: 35 months ago
NEW CALEDONIA / Nouméa 1 Franc 15/07/1942 019381 grade: VF+ cat: 52 comment: Arrêté 09.07.1942 - 15.07.1942 "Bon de Caisse" Issue. FRONT / Ship, stockpile, factory BACK : Cross of Lorraine, stag head added: 8 months ago
NEW CALEDONIA / Nouméa 500 Francs ND/1969/1989 series: K.1 33624 grade: VF cat: 60a comment: signatures: Postel-Vinay & Clappier FRONT: Background, coastal landscape Marquesas Islands and outrigger canoe - Young Polynesian fisherman. BACK : landscape coastline with black limestone cliffs in Hienghène (New calédonia) - profile head of a Kanak (Maré NC). added: 35 months ago
NEW CALEDONIA / Nouméa 100 Francs ND/1973/1977 series: S.2 60029 grade: VF cat: 63a comment: signatures: Postel-Vinay & Clappier Front : Native girl playing a guitar; view of Airport and Port of Papeete (Tahiti) and Moorea Island with Sommet Tohiea (background). Back : Tahitian girl and view of Papeete. added: 35 months ago