Philippe Simon's Collection


FRENCH POLYNESIA / PAPEETE 5 FRANCS ND/1927 series: Q.72 356 grade: VF+ cat: 11c added: 72 months ago
TAHITI 20 Francs ND / 1951/1963 overprint: BANQUE DE L'INDOCHINE "PAPEETE" series: U.119 237 002969237 grade: XF+ cat: 21c added: 68 months ago
TAHITI 100 Francs ND / 1966/1972 overprint: INSTITUT D'EMISSION D'OUTRE MER "PAPEETE" series: J.2 85255 03385255 grade: XF+ cat: 24a comment: Observe : Vahiné (girl), Aerial view of two infrastructures of the city of Papeete: Tahiti airport Faa'a and the Port of Motu Uta. On Background Moorea Island with Sommet Tohiea (1207m). Reverse : Tahitian girl and Noumea harbor and the complex of Doniambo. added: 68 months ago
TAHITI 500 Francs ND /1966/1972 overprint: REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE series: J.006 32835 13332835 grade: XF- cat: 25a comment: FRONT : Landscape of the island of Ua Pau (Marquesas Archipelago) - Polynesian fisherman armed with a trident -Ttraditional pirogue, motifs representing fish in their environment (corals, gorgones and octopus). BACK : Landscape of the rocks of Hienghène - it is a high tourist place of New Caledonia. Portrait of a young man from Ouvéa (Loyalty Islands) - Illustrations of kidak sculptures, harpoons and ornaments (Aborigines kanak). In counterpoint, there is a branch of mangrove and shells. added: 68 months ago
TAHITI 1000 Francs ND /1985 series: Q.016 323136 39023136 grade: aUNC cat: 27 comment: Observe : niau fare (house braided palm roof) at "the tip of Venus" Mahina. The "Vahiné" (Girl in Tahitian) - Greta Robson-Goy is the girl shown on this bill. Reverse : Chief Kanak box with vegetations (columnar pines and melaleuca) and two deer in the foreground. Kanak sculptures and taro leaves, church of Vao in the Isle of Pines with two cagous to the peaks recorded in the foreground. added: 68 months ago
TAHITI 500 CFP ND/2014 123456 A0 grade: UNC cat: FPT-5 (NEW) comment: Front: Papaya fruit and leaf as registration device. Tapa cloth patterns (Wallis Island). Kava leaves. Bird of Paradise flower (Strelitzia reginae). Back: Plumeria (Frangipani) flower. Tahitian Gardenia (Gardenia taitensis). Siapo cloth patterns (Futuna Island) added: 35 months ago
TAHITI 1000 CFP 20/01/2014 239137 D3 grade: aUNC cat: FPT-6 (NEW) added: 35 months ago