Philippe Simon's Collection

3. Reich (1933 / 1945)

Germany - Allemagne 10 Reichsmark 22/01/1929 C . 34751610 grade: XF+ cat: 180a comment: Albrecht Daniel Thaer (14 May 1752 – 26 October 1828) was a renowned German agronomist and an avid supporter of the humus theory for plant nutrition. added: 71 months ago
Germany - Allemagne 20 Reichsmark 22/01/1929 G . 22031819 grade: aUNC cat: 181a comment: Ernst Werner Siemens [von Siemens since 1888](13 December 1816 – 6 December 1892) was a German inventor and industrialist. Siemens’s name has been adopted as the SI unit of electrical conductance, the siemens. He was also the founder of the electrical and telecommunications company Siemens. added: 71 months ago
Germany - Allemagne 50 Reichsmark 22/01/1929 C . 107155837 grade: XF+ cat: 182a comment: Front : David Justus Ludwig Hansemann (12 July 1790 – 4 August 1864) was a Prussian politician and banker, serving as the Prussian Minister of Finance in 1848. "precursor of insurance companies". Reverse : Allegorical figures (Law and Literature), Mercury. added: 71 months ago
Germany - Allemagne 100 Reichsmark 24/06/1935 Q . 0117358 grade: XF+ cat: 183a comment: Front : Justus Freiherr von Liebig (12 May 1803 – 18 April 1873) was a German chemist who made major contributions to agricultural and biological chemistry, and worked on the organization of organic chemistry. added: 71 months ago
Germany - Allemagne 20 Reichsmark 16/06/1939 E . 06801714 grade: aUNC cat: 185 comment: "Österreicherin" Front: Woman holding Edelweiss flower (similar to Austria bank note # 101). Back : scenic view of Lake Gosau (Austria). added: 71 months ago
Germany - Allemagne 5 Reichsmark 01/08/1942 E . 14142996 grade: aUNC cat: 186a comment: Obverse: Portrait of Hitler Youth. Reverse: Bronze ("Löwendenkmal" ) Lion's Monument on the Burgplatz, in Braunschweig in front of a Romanesque Braunschweig Cathedral flanked by a peasant woman and a carpenter. Watermark: Straight up and inverted "5" between horizontally opposed wavy. added: 71 months ago
Germany - Allemagne 5 Reichsmark 01/08/1942 W . 7614365 grade: XF+ cat: 186b comment: Brown security zone is wider, but remains the same Watermark. added: 71 months ago
Germany - Allemagne 20 Reichsmark 28/04/1945 series: AU 006203 grade: aUNC cat: 187 comment: Kassenschein Emergency Issue. Sudetenland and Lower Silesia. (Reichsverteidigungskommissar Sudetenland & Niederschlesien). added: 46 months ago
GERMANY - 3 Reich 28/08/1933 perf: "Entwertet" = Canceled = Annulé series: A 0930782 grade: aUNC cat: 199 comment: Konversionskasse für deutsche Auslandsschulden 1933 - The introduction of the Rentenmark slowed inflation and made the economy pick up again. However, the German Reich had to pay a large part of its economic performance in the form of reparations for the war damage in the First World War to the victorious powers. This slowed down economic development and was one of the causes of the serious consequences of the economic crisis in Germany in 1929. These securities document Germany's increasing insolvency as a result of the global economic crisis. added: 7 months ago