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SLOVENIE (Slovenija)

Republika Slovenija (since 1991)

Slovénie 1 Tolar 08/10/1991 series: AB 907773953 grade: UNC cat: Pick 1 comment: The tolar (SIT code) was the currency of Slovenia, October 8, 1991 December 31, 2006. Back: Triglav (German: Terglau, Italian: Tricorno) is with its elevation of 2,864 metres (9,396 ft) the highest mountain in Slovenia and the highest peak of the Julian Alps. The mountain is the preeminent symbol of the Slovene nation. added: 72 months ago
Slovénie 2 Tolar 08/10/1991 series: AB 90149935 grade: aUNC cat: 2 comment: Observe : on the left, ancient Celtic column was located near Kinski grad (now Maria Saal) named "pierre des princes" (slovenian : Knežji kamen, german : Fürstenstein) where was crowned Slovenian Dukes (ended in 1414). added: 46 months ago
Slovénie 100 Tolar 08/10/1991 series: AZ 90536218 grade: aUNC cat: 6 comment: Observe: "Pierre des Princes" - Fürstenstein (Knežji Kamen), bee. Reverse: Triglav/Terglou mountain, Julian Alps. added: 46 months ago
Slovénie 10 Tolar 15/01/1992 (27/11/1992) GL262365 grade: aUNC cat: 11 comment: Observe: Primož Trubar or Primož Trube (1508 – 28 June 1586) was the Protestant reformer, most known as the author of the first Slovene language printed book. Reverse: Ursuline Church, Church of the Holy Trinity, was built by the architect Carlo Marinuzzi between 1718 and 1726. added: 46 months ago
Slovénie 20 Tolar 15/01/1992 (19/03/1993) VR651755 grade: aUNC cat: 12 comment: Observe: Johann Weikhard Freiherr von Valvasor (1641-1693) was a natural historian from Carniola (today Slovénia). He is known as a pioneer of study of karst phenomena. His best known work, the 1689 Glory of the Duchy of Carniola, published in 15 tomes. Reverse: Vignette of Valvasor's book "Die Ehre des Herzogthums Crain" (The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola) - added: 46 months ago
Slovénie 100 Tolar 15/01/1992 (30/09/1992) DZ344620 grade: aUNC cat: 14a comment: Observe: Rihard Jakopič (12 April 1869 – 21 April 1943) was a Slovene painter. He was the leading Slovene Impressionist painter, patron of arts and theoretician. He is considered the pioneer of Slovene Impressionist painting. Reverse: (Jakopičev paviljon) In 1908 the famous pavilion had been constructed in Ljubljana at the of Tivoli Park. It was demolished in 1962 due to the construction of the railway track, despite avid protests of the citizens. added: 46 months ago
Slovénie 200 Tolar 15/01/1992 (22/02/1993) CC432224 grade: aUNC cat: 15a comment: Observe: Jakobus Gallus (in Slovènian: Jakob Petelin Kranjski) - (3 July 1550 – 18 July 1591) was a composer, his major work is the Opus Musicum. Reverse: Slovenian Philharmony in Ljubljana at right - Tenor voice part of Gallus' Ecce quomodo moritur iustus, published in his Opus Musicum II (1587) on left. added: 46 months ago
Slovénie 500 Tolar 15/01/2001 BP592951 grade: aUNC cat: 16b comment: Observe : Jože Plečnik (23 January 1872 – 7 January 1957) was a Slovene architect who had a major impact on the modern identity of the city of Ljubljana. Reverse : Library of the National University established in 1774, Ljubljana. added: 46 months ago
Slovénie 1000 Tolar 01/06/1993 CU086256 grade: aUNC cat: 18a comment: Observe : France Prešeren (2 or 3 December 1800– 8 February 1849) was a 19th-century Romantic[6] Slovene poet. Reverse : Original manuscript of the poem, written 1844 in the Bohorič alphabet (old Slovénian) (Zdravljica = "a Toast") added: 46 months ago