Philippe Simon's Collection


UK Military Currency 1 SCHILLING ND / 1943 series: D grade: VF cat: M2 comment: British Military Authority (B.M.A notes) - Use for the British troups in North Africa. Observe : Crown and lion added: 43 months ago
UK Military Currency 10 SHILLINGS ND/1943 series: 03K 015862 grade: VF- cat: M5 comment: British military currency in the occupied territories (WWII). added: 72 months ago
United Kingdom (Opération Bernhard) 24/02/1937 series: A / 374 80465 grade: XF+ cat: 335a comment: Operation Bernhard Banknotes (started in February 1943 and ended in November 1944) - Bernhards as they are commonly referred to were produced by approximately 150 'volunteers', who were, in fact, Polish and Jewish prisoners in Block 19 of Sachsenhausen concentration camp. The Nazis produced vast quantities of counterfeit English Banknotes, overseen by Staatssckreiner (Chief of Police of the General Government) Friederich Walter Bernhard Krueger. The Nazis wanted to undermine the British Economy by air dropping the banknotes over Britain, but, they abandoned this idea in favour of the more subtle approach of buying goods and materials in neutral countries, also by paying their spies and agents - the most notable spy being 'Cicero'. In 1945 the Nazis tried to hide the evidence of Operation Bernhard in the Enns River, the Traun River and Lake Toplitzsee, the latter is from where many of the banknotes in today's collections were recovered. added: 43 months ago
United Kingdom 1 £ ND / 19+22 / 1923 series: F1 / 61 487232 grade: VG+ cat: 359a comment: Observe : at left St. George killing dragon, in medallion : George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert; 3 June 1865 – 20 January 1936) was King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Emperor of India, from 6 May 1910 until his death in 1936. Reverse: Westminster Palace on the side of the Thames river in London. added: 26 months ago
United Kingdom 1 POUND ND/1929-1934 series: S11 927527 grade: XF- cat: 363b comment: Observe : "Britania" at left, and signature: B. G. Catterns. Back : Bank of England building and coins. added: 72 months ago
United Kingdom 10 S ND / 1940 - 1948 series: J 64 D 047510 grade: VF+ cat: 366 comment: Observe : "Britannia" at left. (female personification of Britain, the British Empire and the United Kingdom). Sign. Kenneth Peppiatt, Chief cashiers 1934-1949. added: 43 months ago
United Kingdom 10 SHILLINGS ND / 1955 - 1960 series: S 44 Y 611786 cat: 368c comment: Observe : "Britannia" signature: L. K. O'Brien. added: 43 months ago
United Kingdom 10 SHILLINGS Nd / 1967 - 1970 series: C 63 N 957041 grade: aUNC cat: 373c comment: Observe : QE II signature: J. S. Fforde Reverse : "Britannia" added: 43 months ago
United Kingdom 1 POUND ND / 1975 - 1978 series: DR38 929723 grade: VF cat: 374g comment: Observe : QE II signature: J. B. Page. Reverse : "Britannia". added: 43 months ago
United Kingdom 1 POUND ( £ 1) ND / 1981 - 1983 series: CW 17 032354 grade: VF cat: 377b comment: Observe : QE II Reverse : Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) added: 43 months ago
United Kingdom 5 £ 13/09/2016 series: AE47 608162 grade: aUNC cat: no listed comment: FRONT : QE II - Big Ben BACK : Sir Wiston Churchill (1874-1965) was one of the greatest statesmen of all time and is the only Prime Minister to win the Nobel Prize for literature. - -" I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat - - "Je n'ai rien à offrir que du sang, du labeur, des larmes et de la sueur." - -" Ich habe nichts zu bieten außer Blut, Mühsal, Tränen und Schweiß. " added: 26 months ago