Philippe Simon's Collection

POLSKA / Pologne / Polen

Teschen District 1 Krone / 1 Korone 30/04/1919 83727 grade: XF+ cat: Unk comment: Cash register / Voucher / Notgeld. "lands beyond the Olza" / Poland and Czechoslovakia, see Cieszyn and Český Těšín. added: 2 months ago
POLAND 1 Mark 14/01/1917 B.6983435 grade: VG+ cat: 8 comment: Regency Kingdom of Poland / General-Governorship Board. added: 2 months ago
POLAND 500 Mark 15/01/1919 285162 grade: VF+ cat: Pick 18 added: 59 months ago
POLAND 1 Mark 23/08/1919 series: I Serja V 5225G5 grade: XF+ cat: Pick 23 added: 59 months ago
POLAND 1000 Marks 23/08/1919 series: I SERJA A 500562 grade: XF+ cat: Pick 29a added: 59 months ago
POLAND 1000 Mar 23/08/1919 series: III SERJA A0 666594 grade: XF+ comment: Six serial varieties. added: 59 months ago
POLAND 10 000 Mark 11/03/1922 H6426358 grade: VF+ cat: 32 added: 50 months ago
POLAND 100 000 Marek Polskich 30/08/1923 B 2260621 grade: VF+ cat: 34a comment: Polska Krajowa Kasa Pożyczkowa / Polish National Loan Fund / Polnischer Nationalkreditfonds / Fonds de prêt national polonais. added: 2 months ago
POLAND 500 000 Marek Polskich 30/08/1923 U 9725274 grade: XF- cat: 36a added: 2 months ago
POLAND 500 000 Marek Polskich 30/08/1923 № 09334743 grade: XF- cat: 36b comment: serial # with "№" added: 2 months ago
POLAND 1 Groszy 28/04/1924 grade: VF cat: 42a comment: Reprint over half (Front left - dichotomy) 1 Groszy on bank note 500000 Marks Polish. added: 50 months ago
POLAND 1 Groszy 28/04/1924 727875* grade: VG+ cat: 42b comment: 1924 Provisional "Cut in Half" - - - - Bilet Zdawkowy (Utility Note) Issue. added: 2 months ago
POLAND 500 Zloty ND / 1924 series: SA 2904960 grade: XF+ cat: 58 comment: Printed in 1919 - issue in 1924. Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko (Andrew Thaddeus Bonaventure Kościuszko (February 4 or 12, 1746 – October 15, 1817) was a Polish military engineer and a military leader who became a national hero in Poland, Belarus, and the United States. He fought in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth's struggles against Russia and Prussia, and on the American side in the American Revolutionary War. As Supreme Commander of the Polish National Armed Forces, he led the 1794 Kościuszko Uprising. added: 50 months ago
POLAND 5 Zloty 02/01/1930 series: Ser DX 1006838 grade: XF+ cat: 72 added: 50 months ago
POLAND 100 Zloty 09/11/1934 series: BG. 0837481 grade: XF+ cat: 75a comment: Bank Polski FRONT : Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski ( 7 May 1763 – 19 October 1813) was a Polish leader, general, minister of war and army chief, who became a Marshal of the French Empire. BACK : large tree. added: 2 months ago
POLAND 20 Zloty 11/11/1936 series: BK 0386793 grade: VF+ cat: 77 comment: Front: Emilia Plater (13 November 1806 – 23 December 1831) was a Polish–Lithuanian-noblewoman and revolutionary from the lands of the partitioned Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. Raised in a patriotic Polish tradition, she fought in the November 1830 Uprising, during which she raised a small unit, participated in several engagements, and received the rank of captain in the Polish-Lithuanian insurgent forces. Near the end of the Uprising, she fell ill and died. added: 50 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 100 Zloty 01/02/1940 to 20/05/1940 overprint: Generalgouvernement für die besetzten polnischen Gebiete series: BW 9224465 grade: XF+ cat: 90a comment: Red Overprint across the width "Generalgouvernement für die besetzten polnischen Gebiete" (Government General for the occupied Polish territories). Look also Poland P75a. added: 2 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 1 Zloty 01/03/1940 D1133901 grade: VF- cat: 91 comment: Generalgouvernement Polen / Generalna Gubernia / Bank Emisyjny w Polsce. Issued 27.03.1940 to 10.01.1945 Sign left: Prezydent / President = Feliks Młynarski (November 20, 1884 / April 13, 1972). Sign Right : Zastępca Prezydenta / Deputy President = Rudolf Jędrzejowski. added: 2 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 10 Zloty 01/03/1940 series: L 1006729 grade: VF+ cat: 94 comment: Observe : Girl in headdress on watermark area at left, allegorical woman at left and right. Reverse: Chopin Statue, Warsaw - erected in 1926 - During World War II, the statue was blown up on May 31, 1940 - It was the first monument that was destroyed by the occupying Germans in Warsaw - - The original mould for the statue, which had survived the war, made it possible to cast a replica, which was placed at the original site in 1958. added: 8 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 20 Zloty 01/03/1940 L 3106148 grade: VF+ cat: 95 comment: On December 15, 1939, the new Bank Emisyjny was established by the General Government, itself set up by Nazi Germany. In May 1940, old banknotes of 1924–1939 were stamped by the new entity. The money exchange was limited per individual. The fixed exchange rate 1 Reichsmark = 2 zlote was established. A new issue of notes appeared in 1941. Observe & Reverse : Portrait of Emilia Plater. On the reverse are allegorical figures of architecture and history. Also featured is a view of Wawel Castle and Cathedral located on the banks of the Vistula River in historic Kraków Old Town. The cemetery serves as the final resting place for most Polish kings and national heroes. The Cathedral was also associated with Pope John Paul II before he went to the Vatican. added: 2 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 100 Zloty 01/03/1940 series: E 0416620 grade: XF- cat: 97 comment: Observe & Reverse: Drawing of the head of an old man with a beard. On the reverse, the building of the Bank of Poland in Warsaw. added: 2 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 500 Zloty 01/03/1940 series: B 0510237 grade: VF- cat: 98 comment: The highest denominated banknote 500 zloty had a common nickname "mountaineer" from the picture of a mountaineer on the face and the Tatra Mountain with lake Morskie Oko on reverse. added: 2 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 1 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: AF 3706446 grade: XF+ cat: 99a comment: Issued from ND 1941 to 10.01.1945 added: 2 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 2 Zloty 01/08/1940 AG 8880679 grade: VF- cat: 100 comment: Bank Emisyjny w Polsce Observe : Peasant women added: 8 days ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 5 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: AD 3876504 grade: XF+ cat: 101 comment: Issued from 01.08.1941 to 10.01.1945. added: 2 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 50 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: D 7352138 grade: VF+ cat: 102 comment: The 50 Zlotych banknotes from the Series of 1941 also have a portrait of Emilia Plater. On the reverse is a dramatic monument of Poland’s Renaissance architecture -- the Renaissance Sukiennice or Cloth Hall on Kraków’s Rynek Glowny (Central Square). The Cloth Hall is over 700 years old and considered one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. added: 2 months ago
Generalne Gubernatorstwo 100 Zloty 01/08/1941 series: D 3383179 grade: XF+ cat: 103 added: 2 months ago