Philippe Simon's Collection


LITUANIA (Lituanie) 1 CENTAS 16/11/1922 series: B grade: VF+ cat: Pick 7a added: 73 months ago
LITUANIA (Lituanie) 10 Litu 24/11/1927 series: F 606,874 grade: VF cat: 23a comment: FRONT / coat of arms of Lithuania, consisting of an armour-clad knight on horseback holding a sword and shield, is also known as Vytis BACK / Fieldwork added: 42 months ago
LITUANIA (Lituanie) 50 Litu 31/03/1928 series: B 843,534 grade: vf cat: 24a comment: FRONT / Dr. Jonas Basanavicius ( 23 November 1851 – 16 February 1927) was an activist and proponent of Lithuanian National Revival - he was a signatory of the Act of Independence of Lithuania on February 16, 1918. BACK / Vilnius (Wilna) Cathedral (begin in 1387). added: 42 months ago
li 100 Litu 31/03/1928 series: B 043,575 grade: VF- cat: 25a comment: FRONT / allegorical woman and boy BACK / Lietuvos Bankas, Vilnius/Wilna built in 1928. added: 42 months ago
Lietuvos Respublika 10 Talonas ND/1991 series: AB N°464611 grade: XF+ cat: 35b comment: FRONT / Hazelnuts branch, arms and text on lower front. BACK / Martens added: 41 months ago
Lietuvos Respublika 100 Talonas ND/1991 series: AN N°587683 grade: XF+ cat: 38b comment: FRONT / Dandelions and text on lower front BACK / Bison. added: 41 months ago
Lietuvos Respublika 1 Talonas ND/1992 OF117925 grade: aUNC cat: 39 comment: FRONT / CLover, arms BACK / Eurasian lapwings added: 41 months ago
Lietuvos Respublika 200 Talonas ND/1992 SB023705 grade: VF+ cat: 43a comment: FRONT / Value on plant at center; shield of arms at right. BACK / Two Red Deers (Elk). added: 41 months ago
Lietuvos Respublika 500 Talonas ND/1992 MF230001 grade: XF+ cat: 44 comment: FRONT / Blackberry, arms BACK / Bear added: 41 months ago
Lietuvos Bankas 10 Litų ND/1993 (1991) AD3391975 grade: aUNC cat: 47a comment: FRONT / Lithuanian-American pilots Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas BACK / remembering historical flight across the Atlantic Ocean with airplane called "Lituanica" (Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker). After successfully flying 6,411 km, plane crashed (15, July 1933), due to still undetermined circumstances, 650 km from its destination, Kaunas, Lithuania. added: 41 months ago
Lietuvos Bankas 1 Litas ND/1994 AAA3446910 grade: aUNC cat: 53a comment: FRONT / ZEMAITE - Julija Beniuševičiūtė-Žymantienė (1845-1921) - was a Lithuanian/Samogitian write, she wrote about peasant life in the style best described as realism. BACK / Juozapas wooden church in Palūšė (built 1747-1757) - Aukštaitija National Park, Eastern Lithuania. added: 41 months ago