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GREECE (Ελλάδα)

GREECE 100 Dracme / Drachmai ND / 1941 series: 003 328967 grade: VG+ cat: M4 comment: During WWII - Italian occupation (1941 to 23 September 1943). FRONT : Hermes (Mercury) BACK : Ancient warship's bow. added: 74 months ago
GREECE 1.000 Dracme / Drachmai ND / 1941 series: 0001 973.112 grade: VG cat: M6 comment: Cassa Mediterranea per la Grecia. FRONT : David - masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created between 1501 and 1504 by Michelangelo. added: 43 months ago
GREECE - Ionian Islands 1 Dracma / Drachme ND / 1941 (May 1942) series: O 03 673754 grade: aUNC cat: M11 comment: BIGLIETTI A CORSO LEGALE PER LE ISOLE JONIE - Banknote to legal tender for the Ionian's Island. added: 43 months ago
GREECE - Ionian Islands 100 Dracme / Drachmai ND / 1941 (May 1942) series: 0001 716184 grade: VF+ cat: M15 comment: ΧΑΡΤΟΝΟΜΙΣΜΑ ΕΧΟΝ ΝΟΜΙΜΟΝ ΚΥΚΛΟΦΟΡΙΑΝ ΕΝ ΤΑΙΣ ΙΟΝΙΟΙΣ ΝHΣΟΙΣ... Observe : Homer is best known as the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey. added: 43 months ago
GREECE - Ionian Islands 1.000 Dracme / Drachmai ND / 1941 (May 1942) series: 0001 166079 grade: VF+ cat: M17 comment: Observe : Julius Cesar (13 July 100 BC – 15 March 44 BC) was a Roman statesman, general and notable author of Latin prose. Reverse : Relief UNK ?? added: 43 months ago
GREECE 1000 Drachmai 15/10/1926 overprint: new bank name "TPAΠEZA THΣ EΛΛAΔOΣ" series: Λ Δ 059 - E' 096708 grade: XF+ cat: 100b comment: FRONT : Georgios Stavros (1788/1869), founder of the National Bank of Greece -30/05/1841 (Ethniki Trapeza tis Ellados). BACK : The confronting lionesses posing on both sides of a pillar above the lintel at the Lion Gate at Mycenae. added: 43 months ago
GREECE 5.000 Drachmai 01/09/1932 series: Α Θ 028 727818 grade: XF+ cat: 103a comment: Front: Effigy of Helmeted Athena in profile. Back: Mythical griffin. added: 43 months ago
GREECE 1.000 Drachmai 01/05/1935 series: AB=088 - A' 626174 grade: VF+ cat: 106a comment: Obverse: Greek woman with a jug dressed in a national dress; Reverse: Greek woman in a national dress; Occupations; Watermark: Homer. added: 43 months ago
GREECE 1000 DRACHME 01/01/1939 series: B - H 021 488,925 grade: aUNC cat: 110 comment: Front / Women in National costume - Back / Athena at left and view of Parthenon ruins. added: 74 months ago
GREECE 1000 DRACHME 21/08/1942 series: NΓ (53) 931887 grade: XF+ cat: 118a comment: Front / Bust of young Girl from Thasos (Aegean sea) - Back / Statue of Lion of Amphipolis (built at the end of the fourth century BC in honor of the military under) near Καβάλα/Kavála. added: 74 months ago
GREECE 5.000 Drachmai 20/06/1942 series: Δ N - B' 942994 grade: XF+ cat: 119 comment: FRONT : The Winged Victory of Samothrace, also called the Nike of Samothrace. BACK : Scene of fieldwork. added: 43 months ago
GREECE 1.000.000 Drachmai series: EA - A' 687280 grade: XF+ cat: 127b comment: FRONT : The "Adolescent of Antikythera" - Around the 340-330 BC. BACK : Temple of Poseidon (Sounion) added: 43 months ago
GREECE 25.000.000 Drachmai 10/08/1944 series: I B - A' 477888 grade: aUNC cat: 130a comment: FRONT : Ancient coins added: 43 months ago
GREECE Drachmai 20/10/1944 769810 AA grade: XF+ cat: 134b comment: TPAΠEZA THΣ EΛΛAΔOΣ (BANK OF GREECE) FRONT / Arethusa ( Ἀρέθουσα) means "the waterer". In Greek mythology, she was a nymph and daughter of Nereus. added: 41 months ago
GREECE Drachmai 03/11/1944 872194 EΠ grade: VF+ cat: 135a comment: FRONT / Nymph Deidamia In Greek mythology daughter of King Lycomedes of Scyros with whom Achilles was concealed. BACK / Ancient coin from Dodoni added: 41 months ago
GREECE 500 Drachmai ND / 1944-1945 series: χ Θ - 168 642057 grade: XF+ cat: 171 comment: FRONT : Count Ioannis Antonios Kapodistrias (10 or 11 February 1776 – 9 October 1831), was a Greek Foreign Minister of the Russian Empire and one of the most distinguished politicians and diplomats of Europe. After a long career in European politics and diplomacy he was elected as the first head of state of independent Greece (1827–31) and he is considered as the founder of the modern Greek State and the founder of Greek independence. BACK : University of Athens. added: 43 months ago
GREECE 500 Drachmai 01/11/1968 series: 13 E 503343 grade: XF+ cat: 197a comment: FRONT : Relief from Eleusis of Demeter, Triptolemos and Persephone (440 Bce) Demeter, goddess of the earth and fertility, is shown giving corn to the young Triptolemos, who will pass on the knowledge of agriculture to humankind. On the right stands Persephone with her torch, who having returned from the underworld symbolises the turning of the seasons that enables agriculture to flourish. BACK : Mycenaean relief added: 43 months ago
GREECE 1.000 Drachmai 01/11/1970 series: 471 523064 grade: aUNC cat: 198a comment: FRONT : Zeus (Artemisian Poseidon; statue in the National Archeologic Museum, Athens) - Amphitheater of Epidaurus. BACK : Woman, Hydra Island added: 43 months ago
GREECE 50 Drachmai 08/12/1978 series: 05N 605323 grade: VF+ cat: 199a comment: Observe : Poseidon (Neptun) Reverse : Laskarina Bouboulina (1771 - 1825) was a greek naval commander heroine of the Greek War of independence in 1821, and an Admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy. Battle of Nauplia - from 8 to 13 September 1822 in the Gulf of Nauplia (Argolic Gulf) between the Greek Fleet and the Ottoman Fleet. added: 43 months ago
GREECE 100 Drachmai 08/12/1978 series: 26 Ω 282312 grade: aUNC cat: 200a comment: Observe : Piraeus Athena is a bronze statue dated to the fourth century BCE, university of Athens. Reverse : Adamantios Korais (Greek: Ἀδαμάντιος Κοραῆς) _ (27 April 1748 – 6 April 1833), humanist scholar - Arkadi Monastery (in Greek: / Moní Arkadhíou), The monastery played an active role in the Cretan resistance of Ottoman rule during the Cretan revolt of 1866. added: 43 months ago
GREECE 500 Drachmes 01/02/1983 series: 13 Ξ 018843 grade: VF- cat: 201a comment: Observe : Ioannis Kapodistrias (anglicized John Capodistria) (11 February 1776 - 9 October 1831)was a Greek Foreign Minister of the Russian Empire and one of the most distinguished politicians and diplomats of Europe and his birthplace. Reverse : Corfu, Greek island in the Ionian Sea. added: 43 months ago
GREECE 1.000 Drachmes 01/07/1987 series: 22 Φ 362109 grade: VF+ cat: 202a comment: Observe : Apollon Reverse : Discus thrower, Hera Temple (Olympia). added: 43 months ago
GREECE 200 Drachmes 02/09/1996 series: 02 Y 119957 grade: XF+ cat: 204a comment: Observe : Rigas Feraios or Velestinlis (1757 - 1798) was a Greek writer, political thinker and revolutionary and a pioneer of the Greek War of Independence. Back ground, Velestinlis-Feraios singing his patriotic song. Reverse : Secret School run by Greek priests during Ottoman occupation. added: 43 months ago
GREECE 1 DRACHME 18/06/1941 239798 grade: VG+ cat: 317 comment: EΛΛHNIKH ΠOΛITEIA - (GREEK STATE) Front : Aristoteles Back : Ancient coin. added: 74 months ago
GREECE 1 DRACHME 09/11/1944 series: A' grade: aUNC cat: 320 comment: BAΣIΛEION THΣ EΛΛAΔOΣ (Kingdom of Greec). BACK : "Phoenix" added: 42 months ago