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THERESIENSDADT (Concentration camp / Ghetto)

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THERESIENSDAT 1 KRONE 01/01/1943 series: A055 grade: XF+ cat: P1 comment: The concentration camp of Theresienstadt was established by the Gestapo in the fortress and garrison town of Terezín (Theresienstadt in German), now in the Czech Republic. added: 71 months ago
THERESIENSDAT (Terezin) 10 Kronen 01/01/1943 A004 grade: aUNC cat: P4 comment: Bank Note is always the time witnessed. If a particular attention has been paid to the appearance of these tickets is simply because a particular care was taken to appearances in general to Theresienstadt. We talk sometimes also "model camp" to evoke the place. It was in fact nothing more than a means of propaganda, a facade designed to conceal the Nazi crimes. added: 65 months ago
THERESIENSDAT (Terezin) 100 Kronen 01/01/1943 O 21069 grade: aUNC cat: P7 comment: height of cynicism! it is written on the table legislation take MOSES, "You not kill" About 140,000 deportees through the doors of Theresienstadt. Upon his release, 8 May 1945, there were only about 17,000 survivors starving and terrorized added: 65 months ago