Philippe Simon's Collection

FERÖES Island (Færøerne)

FEROËS ISLAND 10 KRONUR ND/1974 1749647 grade: aUNC cat: Pick 16 comment: FRONT : shield of faroes island. Back : Farmhouse. added: 74 months ago
FERÖES 50 KRONUR ND/1987 series: A0872A 0931427 grade: VF+ cat: 20c comment: Nólsoyar Páll (originally, Poul Poulsen Nolsøe) (11 October 1766, Nólsoy – 1808 or 1809, near Sumba) is a Faroese national hero. He was a seaman, trader, poet, farmer and boat builder who tried to develop direct trade between the Faroes and the rest of Europe and introduced vaccination to the islands. added: 72 months ago
FAEROE ISLANDS 50 Krónur ND / 2001 series: B0011B 025374B grade: aUNC cat: 24 comment: FRONT : Ram's Horn. BACK : Hillside from the village of Sumba on the west side of Suðuroy. added: 8 months ago